Wednesday, July 28, 2010

That's my girl!

Well, those of you who know me know how I love my purses. Yes, I know-I have way to many of them and I admit I am somewhat obsessed with having as many as possible. Many trips to New York City have resulted in having a closet full of purses--and when I say closet full I mean it. I have not counted in a while, but I am sure I am up to 45-50 at least. 

So, remember this photo from Taiwan. Here is Janie back in September 2009 at only 7 months old showing her interest in Mommy's Coach Bag......I laughed so hard back then.......

Well, her Mimi went to New York a few weeks ago and brought Janie back her very own first purse from New York....Check it out!!! How cute is this........

Here is Janie showing off her new purse (or "bag" as she calls it)......

And this girl knows exactly how to carry it with go girl!

Look, Mommy got a new purse too! Here we are together-like mother, like daughter!

Seriously, Is God perfect or what! He created this amazing child to be my daughter. I cannot imagine life without her. What a precious gift she is! She makes me smile all day long-I think I probably even smile in my sleep just dreaming about her.

On another note: I got some new pictures and a progress report on Lexie. The pictures are great!! And the personality report made me LAUGH so hard. Lexie is the exact opposite of Janie. It states that Lexie is calm, likes quiet, timid, and peaceful. How sweet is that!!

I remember the updates on Janie....every email mentioned her temper and how fiesty she is. These girls will give each other balance. They will complete each other and they will both definetly complete me! I cannot wait!

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