Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July Weekend at Callaway (Part 1)

We spent the 4th of July weekend at Callaway Gardens. Janie LOVED every second of it. Of course I took about a million pictures and video and have way to many to choose from to put on her to show our weekend! In most of the pictures I couldn't capture her smiles-she was so curious about everything and just taking it all in--and running around everywhere! She wanted to touch and explore everything! I was never quick enough with the camera to catch the squeals and smiles! But, with so many pictures I am going to do it in 3 parts.....Here is part 1, Friday!
We arrived on Friday afternoon and immediately began to explore the gardens and the beach area. We took Janie to the beach so she could feel the sand on her feet for the very first time! She went crazy when she saw it! We took her pink car since she enjoys it so much more than a stroller. As soon as she saw the lake and sand she let out the biggest squeal I have ever heard come out of her! She was beyond excited. And she kept pointing and saying "pool, pool". In fact, the entire weekend, every pool, beach, lake, pond was a "pool." In fact, every water fountain was even a "pool".

Here are some pictures and video from Friday!
Janie seeing the beach area for the first time!

Here is some video of her walking in the sand for the first time!

Then we went to town to buy some snacks for the room. We found a great children's boutique and had to stop in. Janie got some Squeaky shoes. I had heard about these and wanted some--Janie loves them. She was so funny when she took her first step--she turned around to look behind her to see what made that noise. Once she discovered it was her feet, she began stomping!! 

Here she is showing off her squeaky shoes in the hotel hallway! Hmmmmm-I wonder how long it will take before these shoes become annoying :):)

After a great seafood buffet dinner (yummy) we went back to the beach area to see the Florida State Univ. acrobatic circus. She liked it for a while. She was wearing her squeaky shoes and wanted to walk around showing them off! After about 45 minutes though she was bored so we didn't stay the entire time.

Janie and MiMi watching the girls on the trapeze up in the sky!
Janie getting tired and a little bored.
Then it was off to the hotel room to get ready for bed. Janie (and mommy) needed rest so we can be ready to swim tomorrow!!!

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