Saturday, November 28, 2009

Janie's First Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was of course extra special this year! There is so much to give thanks for right now....but my biggest blessing....this amazing baby girl who is the light of my life!

The above picture is Janie right before we went out shopping on the day after Thanksgiving. No, we didn't go at 4:00am, 5:00am, or 6:00am. Those people are NUTS!! We went around lunchtime. It was still very crowded but not too bad. Mommy worked retail while in high school and college so she has absolutley NO DESIRE to go shopping that early! (Of course that all may change when Janie is older and wants that special something and mommy stands in line in the early morning hours...)

So much to be thankful for:

This year I am so thankful for my family and friends. I am so grateful for my parent's support and love during this process. And my extended family has been so wonderful too. My friends have anticipated Janie's arrival just as much as I have. What a roller-coaster journey this has been and the support from everyone in my life has been what got me thru it all.

I am also thankful that I live in a country that allowed me to build my family thru adoption. As Americans, we often get discouraged with politics and our government....but ultimatley we are fortunate to live here. 

I am thankful to the men and women in the armed forces who serve this country and give us the freedom we so often take for granted.

I am thankful that I have the comfort of a nice home in a great neighborhood and town to raise my beautiful child.

I am thankful that I have a wonderful job teaching the most amazing students. I am thankful for the great people I work with each day.

I am thankful for my church family and the love I get there each week.

Mostly, I am thankful to God for bringing me and my daughter together. He has provided so many blessings in my life. from the day!!!! I didn't take as many as I would have liked but my cousin Becky has a nice camera and she hopefully got some good shots that I missed....

The Macy's Thanksgiving Parade is a holiday tradition...but it has special significance in my family. Well, Janie must know that already because here she is fully enjoying the parade (on tv) from her Mimi's lap. How amazing is that---what a special moment for the two of them!! She loved the colors and music. Janie, I promise I will take you to NY one day to see it in person--it is so much more amazing than on tv.

You will notice Janie had several outfit changes on Thanksgiving...not because she messed any...nope, she just wanted to show off her many clothes. A fashion girl has to show her style!! This was the first time many of her relatives met Janie...what a special day for them and for her. 

Janie and I live kind of far away from our extended family, and we decided it would be bset to have Thanksgiving at her home--so many of our family came to meet her (so sweet). We still have SOOOO MANY more aunts, uncles, and cousins to meet--can't wait until Christmas when we travel to meet all these crazy family members :):):)

Janie was full of smiles on Thanksgiving, but as soon as I pulled out the camera-she was mesmerized by it and I didn't capture the smiles..

Here is Janie with her Uncle Rusty
Got your nose!

Aunt Barbara brought Janie some gifts--yeah, we love presents!

Janie with Becky and Griffin!

Janie's first TURKEY! Of course she couldn't eat it, but she liked looking at it!

 Janie with her aunt Barbara (I don't seem to have a picture with Aunt Charlene-hopefully someone else got a picture of them)
Janie loves her Mimi!
Janie's first Thansgiving meal--she had Sweet Potatoes and Peaches! But check out that plate of food in front of mommy---yum!
Janie and her uncle Randy (don't have a picture of Sarah, hopefully someone else got one)
Janie and Griffin! Check out her UGA outfit. She has to show support of her UGA Bulldogs for the upcoming UGA vs Ga. Tech game. Griffin is a HUGE Tech fan so it was hard for him to hold her in this outfit :):)

Janie knows the Bulldogs aren't having the best season this year....but she has full faith that they will come thru and take this game!! (Griffin hopes not)

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and we can't wait to see what 
the Christmas season brings us this year!!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Janie Cuteness!

Janie wore her new pink boots to church this past Sunday! So cute!! It's hard to see in these pictures but her dress is a light mint green color with polka dots around the neck and her tights have matching dots....and of course the boots!!!

Thanksgiving is almost here (which is also Gramps birthday) and we are soooooo excited. We have so much to be thankful for this year. Several family members are coming and will be meeting Janie for the first time! We can't wait!!

And, Janie is loving her sweet potatoes, just in time for Thanksgiving. Have I mentioned how much she loves her foods now....recently the doctor cleared her for something more than just formula and rice cereal...she loves her food. So far she has been introduced to:

Bananas, Peaches, Applesauce, Pears, Sweet Potatoes, and Avacado

She loves it all!!

Next up Tofu (doctor recommended for protein). I've read it really doesn't have much of a taste, but takes on the taste of the food it is mixed that shouldn't be a problem for her! 

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Work leave almost over :(

OK...So, I have to return to work on November 30. I can't believe it is almost here. I'm pretty down about it. I feel so fortunate that I was able to take 10 weeks off from work but it feels like it has flown by. I miss my students but I am finding it hard to think about not spending every moment of everyday with Janie. The longest I've been away from her is about 2 1/2 hours when I ran a few errands and her Mimi (grandma) took care of her.
I know she has a WONDERFUL place to spend her days with an AMAZING caregiver. I am beyond LUCKY to have such great plans for her. But, I'm sad that it is not me! 
Seriously, how will I say good-bye to this face each morning????????

Today I was watching Janie take her afternoon nap and I began to cry thinking about leaving her during the day.......oh my heart

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Janie's School Spirit!!

Janie had a good time at the state cheerleading championships this past weekend. She wasn't too fond of the hotel though. She really DID NOT like the playpen/crib to sleep in. She missed her crib and her home!! I knew Janie was adjusting well and her bonding/attachment has been going so well....I was sad that she was uncomfortable for a few hours during the night, but this was a big sign that she is really adjusting well and knows her home. Since we have been home, she hasn't slept anywhere but home--and she was really missing it. She WOULD NOT sleep. She didn't really cry that much (some but it could have been much worse) but she would not go to sleep in the playpen at all! She had to be completely exhausted and SOUND ASLEEP when we put her in it or she immediately would wake up and want OUT!! I had taken the sheet off her crib and all of her current crib toys in hopes it would help--but it didn't. 

I thought about doing co-sleeping when she first arrived home from Taiwan, but she had done so well in a crib at the birth home in Taiwan that I chose to continue that and she has always felt very comfortable in her crib......But this past weekend, we did some co-sleeping...although, she still didn't sleep much. She just stayed on the bed between my mom and I and smiled, cooed, and played--too sweet!

When we got home, she was such a HAPPY BABY! She was sooooo glad to be home and when she fell asleep and I placed her in her crib, she just sighed, relaxed and basically melted into a sweet sleep and slept for 12 hours, woke up for 1 hour, then slept another 2 hours......I guess Dorothy is right--There is no place like home! 

Here is Janie with her friend Lorenzo:

Check out Janie's cheerleading uniform. How adorable is this!!! One of my cheer parents had it made for her using material and braiding from an old OCHS uniform! Sooooo many people all day kept coming up to her and commenting on how cute she looked. She was quite the hit at the competition!!

This was her dinner outfit. We went to a Japanese Steakhouse. She loved watching the chef cook on the grill!!!! One of our competition coaches got her this precious outfit! 

Check out this sweet face!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Today Janie is 9 months old! I can't believe we have been together for 2 months now! I fall more in love with her everyday! I love watching her discover what this world has to offer.....the world is at her fingertips--simply amazing! There are no words to describe the joy she brings to my life. Her sweet smile just melts my heart! 

She had a great weekend. The state cheerleading competition was so much fun for her. I got a little emotional and teary-eyed when the national anthem was sung at the beginning. It was her first time hearing those words as an American citizen. We have attended other events and the music was played...but on Friday she heard the words. We got some great pictures this weekend...I'll post soon! 

Our team did well. I know they wished they had done better-but Janie and I were so proud of them. They are a young team in a re-building phase and will be great with more hard work and experience.

Also, CONGRATS TO HARRISON!!! He has met his mommy and daddy! YAY! It is was nice to see his pictures on his blog--finally in the arms of his mommy and daddy! Janie and I are soooo happy for him and cannot wait to see him in December! You can follow his journey HERE

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Harrison is coming home!

Hi Everyone....Janie here!

When I was living at the birth home in Taiwan I had a roommate. His name is Harrison. He is just a few months older than me and we became good friends. We were the only 2 babies at the home so we were both spolied! Mommy has become friends with Harrison's mommy, April. 

April and her husband Brandon are leaving TODAY to go to Taiwan to bring Harrison back home to America. I am so happy for Harrison. I know he is ready to meet his mommy and daddy! Harrison has a birthday in December and mommy is taking me to his birthday party so we can see each other again! I am so excited about that!

Please pray for Harrison's family as they travel the long journey to Taiwan. Also, please pray for Harrison's adjustment to the new changes in his life. It may be strange at first, but he will be fine-just like I am. The people who cared for me in Taiwan were WONDERFUL and they helped make me the happy baby that I am! I miss all of them and I know Harrison will too....but I also know how happy he will be with his forever family.

Be safe April and Brandon! Tell Harrison I said hi and give him a big hug for me....or a little tap on the head (that is what I appeared to be doing in most of the pictures of us together while we were in Taiwan) I appeared to be a little demanding...kind of a diva baby, and Harrison was such a gentleman...he just put up with it!! :):)

I love you,

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Janie wanted me to make you SMILE today! 


Sometimes when she wakes up she has crazy hair-here are some of her "wake up" pictures!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Region Cheer and SHOWERS

Warning---picture heavy! Lots of pictures to share!!!

Janie went to the region cheer competition and sported her Oconee Blue & White! Go Warriors!! Now she is headed to the state competition this weekend--AND she has 2 special outfits that she was given at the shower...but you will have to wait to see them!!! Prepare yourself though--the cuteness will be off the charts!! I cannot believe how adorable these things are that were made for her in honor of the upcoming cheer competition!!!

First, the school gave me a wonderful shower. Then a cheerleading shower. Janie and I are so blessed! What amazing people God has put in our lives! This child is so loved by so many people!!! Enjoy all the cheer pictures and shower pictures!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

This little piggy....

I love baby feet! Too cute! 

Janie had a fabulous weekend! She showed lots of spirit at the region competition cheering on her Warriors! She watched them take 2nd place and are now headed to the state competition this coming week! Way to go girls!

Also, we were given a WONDERFUL shower by some former cheer parents and the current coaches. Lots of current cheerleaders and tons of former girls stopped by--it was soooo much fun! This shower paired with the shower earlier this week from the school--WOW! Janie is so blessed--so many people love her! Now I need to get busy on my thank you notes!! 

I'll post pictures from the showers later!