Thursday, December 25, 2008


Merry Christmas everyone! What a wonderful day to celebrate our Lord! I am thankful for all that I have been given, all that I have experienced, and for all that I have.

2008 was a very emotional year with lots of waiting, lots of ups & downs, and lots of smiles & tears. I know it was my path and I chose to walk it....

Obviously, I hoped to have my baby home by Christmas this year but it wasn't meant to be. Not much going on in the Vietnam adoption world. Many families who recieved official approval before Sept. 1 are finally bringing thier children home-which is wonderful for them and thier families! I am happy for them.

Also, many families that I follow have chosen to switch to other countries. I am happy for them too...I hope they soon see their child's face. There are too many orphans in this world. Let's give them homes!

As for me, well... my paperwork is all still current and my USCIS paperwork was recently updated. Of course, it does seem pointless right now. I am all current for a country that is closed. That seems very wierd to me.

I just keep hoping that some miracle will happen and the US and Vietnam will come to some sort of agreement. However, no official talks have occured at this point (so I've heard). Joint Council has a new campaingn underway to encourage our senators to sign a new letter to be sent to Vietnam. Please log onto thier website and learn all about it. Every phone call, letter, etc helps since it brings awareness of the situation!! There are children in Vietnam who need homes, there are families here in USA loving those children-let's get us all matched up-PLEASE!

Right now, I am chosing to "wait" out Vietnam. I know it could be several years so I am looking into another option as well. If this other path works out, I will let everyone know--but for heart belongs to Vietnam. I have really tried to explore other countries and cultures, but I am just not ready to commit to another country at this point. I fell in love with Vietnam and at this point, I can't imagine any other country. I know this may change later-God may direct me somewhere else, but for now--it's only Vietnam alive in my heart.

I hope Vietnam and US begin inter-country adoptions soon. If not soon, then I hope it begins eventually. Whenever that day comes, I'll be ready. Depending on when it is, what happens between now and then, and where I am in my life-I hope to eventually bring my Vietnamese princess home!