Friday, January 29, 2010

Starbucks & Sweet Laugh!!

This Starbucks story is pretty random....but I stumbled on a post from another blog about ordering at Starbucks and it cracked me up! 

I don't drink coffee but sometimes go to Starbucks or Jittery Joe's for Hot Chocolate. I am always AMAZED at all the coffee choices and options. I have often wondered how the employees can remember it all, and what all that lingo reading this post had me laughing so hard.

For a good coffee giggle, CLICK HERE.

(In all honesty though....Starbucks does have a special meaning for me. There was a Starbucks in our hotel lobby in Taiwan. Each morning, my mom would take Janie for her morning Starbucks trip--they would "people watch" and hang out while I took my shower...and they always brought me back a muffin!! )


Oh how I love to see Janie smile and hear her laugh and giggle--it just melts my heart! What a joy and blessing! 

Below is video of mommy tickling Janie--kind of long, but we were having too much fun to stop and turn off the camera!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Shopping, more shopping, and another haircut!

This weekend was a busy one! Me, Janie, and MiMi did lots of FUN shopping (for Janie of course)!!!! Buying little girls clothes is SOOOO much fun!

First though, we had to get another haircut. Janie's bangs were in her eyes and the back was long, uneven, and looking scruffy....we had her 2nd haircut to shape it up!! So adorable!!! 
11 months old and has already had 2 haircuts! Too funny :):)

As for shopping, looks like we have several upcoming holidays and special events covered:

We bought:
  • Her birthday outfit (also Valentine's outfit since she is a Valentine baby)
  • Her Christening Dress for that big day coming up soon!
  • Her Saint Patrick's Day outfit
  • Her Easter Dress
  • 2 other outfits
  • A great Christmas dress that was on MAJOR clearance--we had to totally guess at the size-but hopefully it will work next Christmas. If not, oh well. It was such a great price we couldn't pass it up!
We shopped til we dropped and Janie loved every second of it!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Hi Cutie!

Just a few random cute pics of Janie! 

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Praying for guidance

I usually don't like to talk about myself on this blog--this is Janie's blog. It is about her. Not me. She is my 100% focus. And, since I just posted cute photos (and video) below....I hate to push it down with a post about me. But here goes.....

I am praying for specific guidance in a specific area of my life right now. I am a mother, a daughter, a teacher, a coach, and most importantly-a child of God. I need His guidance....

I have finally come to realize/accept that everyone in the world is not always as they appear. Deception can be right in front of you. Have you ever encountered someone who you thought was a friend/a supporter then come to realize they only want your friendship when they "need" something. I am experiencing that right now in one aspect of my life. I can't really go into detail on this very public blog. 

But it bothers me that people can appear to be almost "sucking up" after things have been said and done-and only when they appear to "need" something. Not an apology or a re-building of a relationship--nope, acting like I don't know what I know-acting as if nothing negative was ever said about me or done to me--And the academy award goes to "______"

Lord, I pray for guidance to see me thru this situation and I pray that I don't become this kind of person. Amen

(Now scroll on down and check out that cute daughter of mine! She sure does have a way of making mommy smile and forget about all the negative that can sneak into your life if you let it. Video doesn't appear to be working--actually none of my past videos are working and I notice on other family blogs their video isn't working either--must be a blogger error).

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Random Cuteness and trying to WALK!!

Here are some random pictures of my sweet girl! Too cute!!!

Chillin in her polka dot pj's before bed

Having a good time in her pack-n-play

Crawling around the living room before heading out for the day

Notice those long bangs....she is scheduled for another hair cut this weekend! 11 months old and about to have her 2nd haircut!

And now some video: Janie is trying really hard to start walking. Here is a video of her "walking" down the length of the couch--going for the remote!! She can cruise around furniture and her "stand up" toys....she can't let go though. She can let go with one hand, but once she lets go with both-watch out. She falls to her bottom and gets MAD, MAD, MAD! 

Oh little sweetie--don't grow up too fast!! My little baby girl is changing so quickly right before my eyes!! Love you bunches baby!!

PS: She also has a new "game" I like to call telephone. It is too funny! I'll try to get video of it!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Hurricane Janie!

Ok...So my sweet little girl just brings so much happiness and joy to the world. She ALWAYS makes me smile and whenever we go places, she makes strangers smile too! I can't make it thru any store without someone commenting on how adorable she is. And of course she loves it! She just smiles and flirts with everyone she meets! What a happy girl! I am so blessed and honored to be her mommy!

But, this morning we were playing in the living room. It is MLK Holiday so I have the day off--I love it because Janie and I get to spend the whole day together!! Well, anyways onto the title of this post--Hurricane Janie

Here she is beginning to play this morning.....then she decided to pull ALL of her toys out of her baskets and take over the entire living room area!

The results of Hurricane Janie!!!

Here is one view:
And here is another (more destructive) view:

Guess it is time to get a bigger toy box!! Ha-Ha!!
The funny thing is my social worker is coming tomorrow for my second post-adoption visit!!! 

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

PEEK-A-BOO & 11 months old!!

I can't believe Janie is 11 months old! It's so hard to believe my baby girl will be 1 in just a month (sigh). 

She is doing so well....babbling like crazy! She "talks" all the time at home but clams up when we go out--she just observes everything so quietly when we are out.  

She is trying to walk so bad..she holds onto furniture and "walks" holding on. She can almost do it with just one hand...but when she tries to let go with both hands she can only stay up for a second and then drops to her bottom!  

She eats like crazy!! Big appetite! Still no teeth yet. But I swear it will happen anyday. She drools like a water faucet and her little gums are so swollen (poor thing).

And she is a climber!! She is always trying to get as high as she can go...she will climb ANYTHING!!

One of Janie's new favorite games is Peek-a-boo. She loves, loves, loves to play it. We started playing it a few months took a few weeks for her to catch on, but when she did she went wild for it. 

Now, she loves to "control" peek-a-boo. She doesn't want you to do it to her, instead she wants to do it. She'll hold up a blanket over her head and wait for you to say "Where's Janie" then she will drop the blanket smile and wait for you to say "There she is" or "Peek-a-boo".

During Christmas, she would bend down behind her toy and do peek-a-boo. We caught some of it on video but she was not playing it as well while it was recording--oh well, still so cute.

Here are some more Christmas pictures of Janie and a Peek-a-boo video!!

I just thank God everyday for bringing us together. She is such a joy and blessing. There really are no words!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Janie's kiss

Hi Everyone,
Janie here.....

So mommy has really been trying to teach me a few new things lately! I think she is kind of obsessed with 2 things:
1. Giving kisses
2. Waving bye-bye

Well, I can pretty much wave bye-bye....but I don't do it on command. Only when I really feel like it! That drives mommy crazy! Ha Ha.

And kissing! Well, mommy kisses me ALL THE TIME and keeps asking me to give her a kiss. I finally starting kissing but I will only kiss one thing--my singing Christmas dog! Mommy is pretty jealous-she wants the kisses, but I only give them to the singing dog right now!!! Mommy got it on video! Check it out!

Love to you all,

Sunday, January 3, 2010

HAPPY 2010

Janie and I would like to wish everyone a very happy new year! I cannot believe that 2010 is here. I am so thankful for all that 2009 brought me. I will always remember the joy of 2009--the birth of my daughter, traveling to Taiwan to bring her home, and all the "firsts" I was able to watch her experience in 2009. I look forward to what 2010 will bring!!!!!

I was talking with my mom yesterday about the adoption journey (as we often do) and we both agreed that it is definetly something I would like to do again. I would love for Janie to have a sibling--and preferably from Taiwan again. But, it's just not the right time right now (its way too soon and I'm not financially ready)....for now, my 100% focus is Janie! 

Going thru the process of international adoption was sooooo difficult. It was a true test of faith. So many days I would cry, worry, wonder, etc....but I knew that one day it would happen. It is a huge leap of faith-but completely worth it. 

Reflecting back on my state of mind during the wait, I remember thinking and often saying "If I only knew when it would happen". I love to be in control of all aspects of my life--and with adoption, you definetly have no control--and the unknown is grueling!! I remember thinking "if only I knew more info-when would it happen, how old would my child be, boy/girl?". 

All that wondering made for some VERY LONG days during that almost 3 year wait......I remember thinking that if I only could see the future and know the answers then the wait would be more tolerable.

BUT, what mom and I were discussing is this: I would do it all over again knowing what I know now! Janie is God's perfectly chosen child for me and she was worth every second of the wait. I would do it all over again--and hopefully will one day.

In the meantime, I pray that each of you have all your dreams come true in 2010!!!

Below are a few random pictures of Janie!!

Janie being silly playing with some of her Christmas presents!

Janie and Wylie had another playdate! He is only 4 days yonger than Janie--they had fun together!

Janie really liked Wylie's scooter! Her aunt Barbara gave her one similiar but we haven't put it together yet--guess I better get busy with that soon!

Janie at Tricia's house right before Christmas!