Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Hello everyone!

Well I have decided to retire this blog and create a new one that is dedicated to both my girls. Since this blog is "Searching for Janie" and my other was "Hurry home Lexie" I feel that I need a new one since my girls are finally home and together (at last)!!! 

The new blog has a special title.....of course my last name is incorporated and these girls are the sunshine of my life. So the new blog is:

You can access it by clicking on the address or clicking HERE.

I am still working on the layout but will hopefully have a new post soon. Good-bye to this blog. It has been nice documenting all the steps of this journey. 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Random Sweetness! ( a few new photos added)

I have so many thoughts running thru my head...so much to tell everyone, but so tired I can hardly think. The girls are great....just having a hard time adjusting to Georgia time. We have had several middle of the night parties at my house-hmmmmm. Anyone want to join us? Probably not, I kind of wish I didn't get that invitation either. 

But, I'm sure it will get better each day. In the meantime, here are some random pictures in no particular order.
Love to you all!
Tonya, Janie, and Lexie

On the last day in Taiwan, both the girls were napping in thier separate cribs-in separate rooms. This is how I found them--identical sleeping sisters!

I called Janie a "peeping tom" while in Taipei. The hotel we stayed in had vents in the bathroom door. Whenever mom or I would go to the restroom or shower, Janie would lay on the floor and peek at us. Funny girl!

Christmas Tree in our hotel lobby! Janie didn't like this baby carrier too much. I think she only stayed in it for a few minutes!

Outside the Taipei 101 building!
The 2010 International Flora Convention (I think that is what it is called) is in Taiepi right now. Beautiful flower exhibits everywhere....blankets of flowers and beauty!

Lexie at home sleeping in her own crib!
Janie showing Lexie one of the MANY, MANY, MANY toys she is willing to share! (hopefully)

Mimi and her girls on their second morning home!
On our last full day in Taipei we went to a little day market going on a few blocks from our hotel. Having been to Taiwan twice now, I am a little disappointed I never made it to one of the big night markets. I hear they are wonderful. However, I also hear they are BEYOND CROWDED. Wall-to-wall people all wondering thru tons of food vendors and other craziness. I just never could get the strength (or courage) to take Janie and for sure not Janie and Lexie....so we attended this smaller version....it was fun and interesting!!

Some of the interesting food vendors--there were lots of unusual things!

Some sort of dancing entertainment-not quite sure what we were watching-it looked like belly dancing. And yes, I'm pretty sure that was a guy in the middle--hmmmm. We had no idea what was going on, but Janie loved the music and was dancing and clapping too!
They had some children's games/activities. Janie had fun! Lexie tried but had more fun just watching all the other kids!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Home Sweet Home

We are home, we are tired, we are a little sick, but we are a family! As I type this my 2 angels are sleeping peacefully (until one of them wakes up). We are all adjusting to the time zone and sleep issues....but we will get in a routine soon. 

Thanks for all the prayers during our journey. We appreciate each and every one of them as they were all felt!

Pictures and updates soon!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

We have the visa!!

So I know I didn't post anything yesterday. I was sooooooo tired. When the girls went to sleep I did too. Mom stayed up and did some laundry at the hotel while I crashed--and crashed hard! She woke me up and made me eat some dinner (room service she had delivered for me). I really didn't want to but was sooo glad she made me. I felt so much better today after having food and sleep. 

Lexie is doing great during the day! Still some night time grieving--but all completely normal and expected. Janie is doing better. Her sleeping is much better now!! YAY! But she is getting a little more aggivated at Lexie sometimes. She loves her and likes to play with her (some) but Lexie pulls up on everything (chairs, sofas, crib, etc) and she pulls up on Janie. Janie isn't too fond of having her arms and legs used as props for her little sister....and a few times Lexie has grabbed Janie's hair--that is really something Janie does not like. But she is so sweet about it, she just whines and says "help" to us....such a great big sister!

We had AIT appointment this morning and was able to pick up visa this afternoon! YAY! Today we are going to walk around and check out some more sights and maybe go on to the Taipei 101 building. We went last year with Janie and want to go again this year with Lexie.

Took the girls to Toys R Us to play and look around!

Janie loved playing all the games!

And yes, that is her climbing the game...those of you who know her, know how she will climb anything!!
Lexie fell asleep during all this excitement!

Then Janie crashed too--it's hard work being a big sister!

My attempt at today's sweet photo...not so much "sisterly love" happening here!

Lexie still enjoying her thumb!

Me and my girls!

We love you all and can't wait to get home!! 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Last Day in Taitung

Today was our last full day in Taitung. We head back to Taipei tomorrow morning. Today our 2 main things on schedule were to:
1. Meet with the girls' birth mom again
2.Visit the hospital and nurses/social worker/doctors that cared for both Janie and Lexie

It was a great day. I think Janie has finally realized that Lexie is part of our family and not just a "visitor". We have still seen several jealousy moments but we have also begun to see her get really protective of Lexie....and still lots of sweet moments. Here are some from today:

1. For fun this morning we put Janie in Lexie's crib with her. They were playing and at some point Lexie got fussy so Janie gave her a pacifier.
2. I was in the bathroom giving Lexie a bath and she didn't like her hair being rinsed and was crying. Mom said when Janie heard her cry she took off running to the bathroom door to check on her.
3. This afternoon Janie woke up from a nap and Lexie was still napping she went over to her crib and said "baby" and looked at me and smiled.
4. Today when we visited the hospital one of the nurses was holding Lexie and Janie got a little upset and was reaching out for her. We had to tell her that she wasn't taking Lexie. She is ours.
5. Our hotel has a play area and I took Janie alone today to have some private time with mommy...several times she asked "baby?"

So sweet!!!!!!!!!! Melts my heart!!!!!!!

The meeting with the birth mom went extrememly well today. It was such a peaceful meeting-so much different than meeting with her last year for Janie's adoption. But that is all I will say on that. It is Janie and Lexie's story to tell...not mine. But it did go really well today. Lots of questions were asked and lots of answers given. I am so blessed to have met her, have pictures for my girls, and have answers to some future questions.

Tomorrow we head back to Taipei. Wish us luck as we attempt our first flight with 2 babies!!!
Take care! We love you!

By the way, Janie asked me to tell you that you will see lots of pictures with her sucking on her green pacifier. She is going crazy for it...at home I only allowed it in the crib. But brought it to Taiwan since I knew she needed something comforting. Well, let's just say she is EXTREMELY attached to it right now. I'm letting her have it, her world is turned upside down right now (new country, new sounds, new sights, new smells, new hours, and new family member). So, Janie asked me to tell you that she will work on giving it up when we get home.

Lexie asked me to tell you that she doesn't require a pacifier-her thumb works just fine!!