Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Part 2: 4th of July Weekend at Callaway

Part 2 of our weekend-Saturday at Callaway Gardens

So we woke up Saturday morning and decided to order room service! Janie's first room service (well, we had room service in Taiwan-but she was not on solid food yet).
We had a 3-egg omlete, potatoes, and french toast (yummy). We had to put her in the stroller to eat..she was so excited she wouldn't sit still-kept running around the room-especially towards the bathroom. **Side note about the bathroom: We had to keep that door shut, she kept playing in the garbage and toilet! Whenever one of us would head to the bathroom she would RUN down the hallway, arms in the air, and squealing/laughing to try to get there first and sneak thru the door!! Then while you were in the bathroom you could hear her knocking on the door saying "mommy, mommy" or "mimi, mimi". Silly girl!

Then it was time to get ready for the beach!! Janie was all set in her swimmer and ready to go!

Here she is heading for the water and playing in the sand. She had a blast! She would play for a while, then head for the water, then go back to playing! Too cute. The only time she got upset was when we walked a little further down the beach and she saw the older kids playing area in the water...she REALLY wanted to go to the water playground and play on the big inflatable water area--but you had to be 5 years old. She could see it, and wanted to go into the water towards it. When mommy turned her around to head back to the other side of the beach-she showed her Janie temper!! She wanted to do what all the big kids do! She is growing up too fast!

After the beach, we headed back to the room for a much needed shower/nap. Then we headed over to our beach barbeque and then went back to the gardens. We went to the butterfly center and the discovery center but they had both already closed so we took some nice walks and got some pretty outdoor pictures.

Then we headed back to the beach for some fun music and ice-cream. Janie loved the music but I had to keep her away from the sand b/c she then thought she was going swimming again and would head straight for the water! Then when I steered her away from it, she got really upset-girl loves to swim!!!
After the music it was time to head back to the hotel for the night. Big day tomorrow and we need our rest!

Tomorrow's post! Janie's first 4th of July celebration here in America!! 

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