Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Callaway (Part 3) Independence Day!!!

Our last full day at Callaway-July 4th! Janie's first Indpendence Day in America!! What a busy, busy day it was! 

We started out by going to the beach for our red, white, and blue pancake breakfast. Janie was all dressed in her sweet dress and ready to go! 

Here is some video of her showing off her squeaky shoes again. We were trying to get her to "spin" but she was more interested in her shoes and juice! Usually when I say "spin" she will turn around in circles--she thinks it is so much fun! 

Janie walking on the sidewalk to find her pancakes! We had to keep her away from the sand/water--otherwise she would run to the water and try to swim! 
This girl LOVES, LOVES, LOVES water!!

Visiting the log cabin. So pretty and rustic!

The Butterfly Center! Wow! So many beautiful butterflies. I took way too many pictures of them. One did land on Janie but I didn't have my camera ready....

At the Horticulture Center. This was BEAUTIFUL and I have some amazing pictures of the fountains, flowers, plants, etc. So pretty and peaceful! Janie loved the fish pond. She loved feeding the fish and watching them jump and eat!!

Visiting the chapel. Absolutely breathtaking!

Time to swim again! Taking a snack break at the pool!

Now I am ready for my evening of dinner and fireworks! 

Playing with my red and blue glow sticks waiting for the fireworks!

This was her first reaction to the fireworks....I think she was stunned!

Then she began to get a little frightened. She liked looking at them, but didn't like the noise. Check out that face as she clings to her MiMi.

But then she got a little more used to it...doing better!

Sleepy girl! Ready for bed.
We had a great weekend! I am so amazed that I finally have my little girl here to celebrate these wonderful moments! I cannot wait to have both my girls together next year! I am so blessed and thankful each day that God has given me such a precious gift! I hope each of you had a wonderful holiday weekend.

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Kelli said...

So cute in both of her outfits!