Wednesday, July 14, 2010

17 months today!

Yep, my girl is 17 months old today.....She has for sure left her "baby stage" and a full toddler--a sily little girl with a mind of her own!! Here is a little about her and some of what she is doing now:
  • Not sure of exact weight--my "official" weight on a home scale read 17 lbs 2 oz.
  • Still small but fiesty. Wears a size 3 shoe--sometimes can wear a 4
  • Wears size 6-9 month clothes (dresses and rompers) anything with a waist will fall off unless it is a 3 month size.
  • Goes to sleep around 7:30-8:00 and gets up b/w 6:45-7:30
  • Takes usually 2 naps a day
  • Eats everything I put in front of her
  • Loves fruit (all fruit too-no real favorite)
  • Not sure her length-she is tall-just very thin
  • Walking (and often running) everywhere, everywhere, everywhere
  • Gets into everything quicker than anything I have ever seen!
  • Can empty a drawer in about 2 seconds flat!
  • Can destroy an entire house in about 3 seconds flat!! :):):)
  • Loves to carry her toys around the house 
  • Is beginning to SQUEAL with delight...and it is LOUD and beyond adorable
  • Says about 15-20 words consistently and with meaning--otherwise just tons of baby jabber
  • Has 6 teeth and a 7th coming thru rigth now
  • Loves dogs and always says "Dog" whichs sounds more like "duoog" when she sees one in person or on tv
  • Calls most animals Dogs
  • Tries to whistle for dogs but it is more like a blow-but very cute
  • Loves babies and will immediately point at and run to any stroller she sees in a store saying "baby"
  • If she hears a baby cry she will often begin to cry too (I call it the sympathy cry)
  • Loves other kids. If she sees kids she immediately wants to do what they are doing
  • Is beginning to get frightened by storms. When it thunders she looks at me and gets this pitiful look and comes to grab me.
  • Is starting to throw little "mini tantrums". When she is tired and doesn't get her way she will drop to the floor and roll around to her stomach and often kick. Where do kids learn this?? I swear I have never done it in front of her!! It must be instinct in toddlers. Hmmm-we are not liking this! When at home I just ignore and it really has only lasted about 10 seconds or so, then I re-direct her to something else. In public, I just re-direct her immediately. Hopefully this doesn't progress to something more intense....
  • Loves to have books read to her, although she usually won't sit still for the entire book-just a few pages
  • Very active-doesn't sit and play....plays standing up and moving constantly
  • Beginning to "pretend" play. Her favorite is to pretend "cooking"
  • LOVES, LOVES, LOVES Elmo or should I say "Melmo"
  • Gives all her stuffed animals and dolls kisses and emphasis a smacking sound
  • Won't kiss me that often. She thinks its funny. I say Give mommy a kiss and she will laugh or squeal and turn her head.
  • Yesterday when Sesame Street was on she ran up to the tv to kiss Elmo-too funny
  • Loves water. Loves the pool, swimming-any kind of water
  • Calls all water "pool". Puddles, ponds, lakes, ocean, etc
  • Loves balloons! 
  • Better at riding in carseat-but needs breaks on long trips (don't we all)
  • Is infatuated with music--any kind. If she hears music she will stop what she is doing to listen but then usually breaks out into a dance
  • Has several different dances. Sometimes will just tap her foot!
  • Loves her gymnastics class and loves to stand up, throw hands up in the air and say "ta-da"
  • Loves her Mimi and her Gramps. Looks at pictures of Mimi and calls her name when she is not around. Will laugh, smile, squeal for gramps! Loves to play with him-especially while eating!
  • Much more that I can't think of right this second
And the biggest development and thing that scares mommy the most (and keeps mommy on her toes)..........


This girl loves to climb and wants to be as high as possible. She will climb on the couch and run from end to end laughing--of course I am holding my breath and ready to catch! She tries to climb the baby gates. She tries to climb bleachers and stairs (thankfully my house is 1 level). She will get to the top and say "ta-da"

Her newest is climbing onto the dining room table. So dangerous and scaring mommy! I am just about to take the chairs away for a while. Here is a picture of my little girl on the chair then on the table. I always know she is climbing when she gets too quiet! Don't worry....I was right there ready to catch.

Throwing her hands in the air saying "Ta-Da"

Now let's get even higher!

OK..Mommy put the camera down and grab her!

So thankful that God has given me this precious gift! I cannot wait to share these adventures with Lexie too!


w8tn42and3 said...

WOW!!!! Po and Janie have so much in common!!! It is great to read your updates and see how much your sweet little one has changes! I am determined to have the 2 meet one day... maybe a summer vacation down your way one year! I am so happy that we met at AIT!!!!

michelle said...

Janie is sure a feisty little girl. It's nice to know that my Lexie is not the only teeny tiny girl. She's a month behind but I can relate to 6 month pants falling down. Love the pictures of Janie on the table. So small, but so adventurous! Love her spirit!