Friday, July 30, 2010

First Carousel & a few more Tenn memories

A few more fun pictures from our Tennessee trip!

Janie and Harrison in the Tree House at the Discovery Center!
Mimi reading to the 2 sweethearts--(getting her practice of having 2 in her lap)
Janie & Harrison (with thier mommies) at church Sunday morning! Great service with several messages that really hit home! Thanks Calvary for making us feel so welcomed!

While we were in Tennessee, we also visited Coolidge Park in Chattanooga. They have a great carousel there! It was Janie's first! She loved the lights and music. She wasn't too fond of the horse that went up/down....she preferred the horse (and giraffe) that remained still....We rode it several times--it was lots of fun! I love watching Janie experience all of these "firsts". I thank God everytime we have moments like these! 

I have a great picture of me as a baby on my first carousel with mom holding me. I need to frame it with one of me and Janie! 

Hanging out on the seat while waiting for the ride to start!
Deciding which horse to ride for her first time!
She chose this pretty white horse named "Rosebud"

Hanging with Mimi on the seat while waiting to ride again!
Janie really liked this giraffe.
Kissing the giraffe bye-bye!
Hugging the giraffe when leaving-she really loved this giraffe!
Afterwards we ate some cupcakes at a cute little cupcake shop! 
Yummy Yummy!
This adorable store had some great comfy pillows in the window--Janie thought they looked pretty inviting--so she made herself at home!

And now for some Janie/Harrison silliness. On Saturday night we were playing so hard and laughing soooo much! We tried to get Janie and Harrison on video dancing to "Wheels on the Bus". They both were looking at us like we were nuts! Two precious gifts from God! What a blessing they both are!!!!!

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