Saturday, July 24, 2010

Janie & Harrison!!

Hi All,
So we are in Tenn visiting Harrison and loving every second of it!! Janie and Harrison are having a great time! I have taken about a bizillion pictures (253 to be exact) but I know you want to see pictures of these 2 Heaven Sent Sweethearts! Here are some of thier moments over the past 2 days!!!

The kiddos seeing each other for the first time since Taiwan!

Having fun at the Tenn Aquarium!

Playing at the Discovery Center!

Hanging out at Harrison's house! 

We are having so much fun! I have tons more pictures and videos but this is all for now. We are off to bed to be well-rested for church service tomorrow with April, Brandon, and Harrison!

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michelle said...

It's wonderful to see these 2 reunited! They looked like they had a lot of fun together.