Friday, July 30, 2010

First Carousel & a few more Tenn memories

A few more fun pictures from our Tennessee trip!

Janie and Harrison in the Tree House at the Discovery Center!
Mimi reading to the 2 sweethearts--(getting her practice of having 2 in her lap)
Janie & Harrison (with thier mommies) at church Sunday morning! Great service with several messages that really hit home! Thanks Calvary for making us feel so welcomed!

While we were in Tennessee, we also visited Coolidge Park in Chattanooga. They have a great carousel there! It was Janie's first! She loved the lights and music. She wasn't too fond of the horse that went up/down....she preferred the horse (and giraffe) that remained still....We rode it several times--it was lots of fun! I love watching Janie experience all of these "firsts". I thank God everytime we have moments like these! 

I have a great picture of me as a baby on my first carousel with mom holding me. I need to frame it with one of me and Janie! 

Hanging out on the seat while waiting for the ride to start!
Deciding which horse to ride for her first time!
She chose this pretty white horse named "Rosebud"

Hanging with Mimi on the seat while waiting to ride again!
Janie really liked this giraffe.
Kissing the giraffe bye-bye!
Hugging the giraffe when leaving-she really loved this giraffe!
Afterwards we ate some cupcakes at a cute little cupcake shop! 
Yummy Yummy!
This adorable store had some great comfy pillows in the window--Janie thought they looked pretty inviting--so she made herself at home!

And now for some Janie/Harrison silliness. On Saturday night we were playing so hard and laughing soooo much! We tried to get Janie and Harrison on video dancing to "Wheels on the Bus". They both were looking at us like we were nuts! Two precious gifts from God! What a blessing they both are!!!!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

That's my girl!

Well, those of you who know me know how I love my purses. Yes, I know-I have way to many of them and I admit I am somewhat obsessed with having as many as possible. Many trips to New York City have resulted in having a closet full of purses--and when I say closet full I mean it. I have not counted in a while, but I am sure I am up to 45-50 at least. 

So, remember this photo from Taiwan. Here is Janie back in September 2009 at only 7 months old showing her interest in Mommy's Coach Bag......I laughed so hard back then.......

Well, her Mimi went to New York a few weeks ago and brought Janie back her very own first purse from New York....Check it out!!! How cute is this........

Here is Janie showing off her new purse (or "bag" as she calls it)......

And this girl knows exactly how to carry it with go girl!

Look, Mommy got a new purse too! Here we are together-like mother, like daughter!

Seriously, Is God perfect or what! He created this amazing child to be my daughter. I cannot imagine life without her. What a precious gift she is! She makes me smile all day long-I think I probably even smile in my sleep just dreaming about her.

On another note: I got some new pictures and a progress report on Lexie. The pictures are great!! And the personality report made me LAUGH so hard. Lexie is the exact opposite of Janie. It states that Lexie is calm, likes quiet, timid, and peaceful. How sweet is that!!

I remember the updates on Janie....every email mentioned her temper and how fiesty she is. These girls will give each other balance. They will complete each other and they will both definetly complete me! I cannot wait!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Janie & Harrison!!

Hi All,
So we are in Tenn visiting Harrison and loving every second of it!! Janie and Harrison are having a great time! I have taken about a bizillion pictures (253 to be exact) but I know you want to see pictures of these 2 Heaven Sent Sweethearts! Here are some of thier moments over the past 2 days!!!

The kiddos seeing each other for the first time since Taiwan!

Having fun at the Tenn Aquarium!

Playing at the Discovery Center!

Hanging out at Harrison's house! 

We are having so much fun! I have tons more pictures and videos but this is all for now. We are off to bed to be well-rested for church service tomorrow with April, Brandon, and Harrison!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

One of the girls & Tennessee Bound!

Cheerleaders went swimming today after camp....Janie joined them and had a great time! She loves the water!

Getting excited about leaving tomorrow for Tennessee to hang out with Harrison and his family/friends. They have not seen each other since September 2009 in Taiwan. Look how little they both were then. Can't wait!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

First Carnival

So there is a carnival in the mall parking lot right now. Yes, I know those can be a little scary--but it every kid has to go, right!?! So, this didn't turn out like I had planned--but here is how Janie's first carnival experience went down:

I called and found out they are open from 4:00-10:00. I know it is much more fun at night--but Janie is usually asleep by 7:30 or 8:00...and it is still day-light. I was determined to make this happen-who wants to go to a carnival at 4:00-not me!!

So, I planned to take her last night. I manipulated her naps so that she would be awake and excited to leave the house around 7:30. I hoped to get there and be ready to have fun by 8:00 and it wouldn't be sunny or hot and the lights would be brighter for her to enjoy!

I asked Debra to go with us....Debra teaches with me in my class and she LOVES Janie...she has been with me every step of our journey.

So we get there and I am beyond excited. The smell of funnel cakes and cotton candy fills the air-and carnival music is playing! I am ready to have some FUN, FUN, FUN!

Well, I know Janie is tiny but I guess I just don't see her as small. (I mean she runs all around my house, climbs furniture, and is wild!)

So I marched right up to the ticket booth and bought $20 worth of tickets then went to get in line for the first "baby" ride I saw. To my surprise and shock I was told she was too small...what? 

So, on to the next line...same thing "too small"....this actually went on for 5 rides before I realized that guess what....Janie is too small! 

It was then that it hit me, she is small (all 17 pounds of her). I was beyond bummed! I begged and begged them to let her ride the train-they said OK. Then I begged them to let her ride the balloons-they said OK. None of the other "baby rides" would give in to my begging!  On a positive note: she did have fun watching all the lights and other kids. Maybe next summer she will be able to do more! 

So now I have all these tickets and can't use them. Oh well, I'm sure I can find someone to use them! 

Janie and Debra ready to have some fun!

Janie and Mommy on the train!

Janie and Mommy on the balloon ride!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

I love this!

So a very long time ago (before I adopted Janie) I was on a trip in the mountains. At a neat store, I found this amazing high chair. When I saw it, I had to have it. I knew that one day I would have a child to use it. For a long time it sat in my dining room with a doll in it. Then when Janie became old enough for a high chair I tried it with her, but she was too little and I was afraid she would slip thru...but now she can use it! It is so well constructed of solid wood and built by the Amish---I absolutely love it--so does Janie. 

Here it is as a High Chair!

Turn it over and you have a Rocking Horse!

One more turn and you have a Desk!

Of course right now Janie just loves playing with the seat-belt :):)

Oh and by the way, check out that hair! Looks like it is time for another trim. Her hair grows so fast! It is so beautiful!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

17 months today!

Yep, my girl is 17 months old today.....She has for sure left her "baby stage" and a full toddler--a sily little girl with a mind of her own!! Here is a little about her and some of what she is doing now:
  • Not sure of exact weight--my "official" weight on a home scale read 17 lbs 2 oz.
  • Still small but fiesty. Wears a size 3 shoe--sometimes can wear a 4
  • Wears size 6-9 month clothes (dresses and rompers) anything with a waist will fall off unless it is a 3 month size.
  • Goes to sleep around 7:30-8:00 and gets up b/w 6:45-7:30
  • Takes usually 2 naps a day
  • Eats everything I put in front of her
  • Loves fruit (all fruit too-no real favorite)
  • Not sure her length-she is tall-just very thin
  • Walking (and often running) everywhere, everywhere, everywhere
  • Gets into everything quicker than anything I have ever seen!
  • Can empty a drawer in about 2 seconds flat!
  • Can destroy an entire house in about 3 seconds flat!! :):):)
  • Loves to carry her toys around the house 
  • Is beginning to SQUEAL with delight...and it is LOUD and beyond adorable
  • Says about 15-20 words consistently and with meaning--otherwise just tons of baby jabber
  • Has 6 teeth and a 7th coming thru rigth now
  • Loves dogs and always says "Dog" whichs sounds more like "duoog" when she sees one in person or on tv
  • Calls most animals Dogs
  • Tries to whistle for dogs but it is more like a blow-but very cute
  • Loves babies and will immediately point at and run to any stroller she sees in a store saying "baby"
  • If she hears a baby cry she will often begin to cry too (I call it the sympathy cry)
  • Loves other kids. If she sees kids she immediately wants to do what they are doing
  • Is beginning to get frightened by storms. When it thunders she looks at me and gets this pitiful look and comes to grab me.
  • Is starting to throw little "mini tantrums". When she is tired and doesn't get her way she will drop to the floor and roll around to her stomach and often kick. Where do kids learn this?? I swear I have never done it in front of her!! It must be instinct in toddlers. Hmmm-we are not liking this! When at home I just ignore and it really has only lasted about 10 seconds or so, then I re-direct her to something else. In public, I just re-direct her immediately. Hopefully this doesn't progress to something more intense....
  • Loves to have books read to her, although she usually won't sit still for the entire book-just a few pages
  • Very active-doesn't sit and play....plays standing up and moving constantly
  • Beginning to "pretend" play. Her favorite is to pretend "cooking"
  • LOVES, LOVES, LOVES Elmo or should I say "Melmo"
  • Gives all her stuffed animals and dolls kisses and emphasis a smacking sound
  • Won't kiss me that often. She thinks its funny. I say Give mommy a kiss and she will laugh or squeal and turn her head.
  • Yesterday when Sesame Street was on she ran up to the tv to kiss Elmo-too funny
  • Loves water. Loves the pool, swimming-any kind of water
  • Calls all water "pool". Puddles, ponds, lakes, ocean, etc
  • Loves balloons! 
  • Better at riding in carseat-but needs breaks on long trips (don't we all)
  • Is infatuated with music--any kind. If she hears music she will stop what she is doing to listen but then usually breaks out into a dance
  • Has several different dances. Sometimes will just tap her foot!
  • Loves her gymnastics class and loves to stand up, throw hands up in the air and say "ta-da"
  • Loves her Mimi and her Gramps. Looks at pictures of Mimi and calls her name when she is not around. Will laugh, smile, squeal for gramps! Loves to play with him-especially while eating!
  • Much more that I can't think of right this second
And the biggest development and thing that scares mommy the most (and keeps mommy on her toes)..........


This girl loves to climb and wants to be as high as possible. She will climb on the couch and run from end to end laughing--of course I am holding my breath and ready to catch! She tries to climb the baby gates. She tries to climb bleachers and stairs (thankfully my house is 1 level). She will get to the top and say "ta-da"

Her newest is climbing onto the dining room table. So dangerous and scaring mommy! I am just about to take the chairs away for a while. Here is a picture of my little girl on the chair then on the table. I always know she is climbing when she gets too quiet! Don't worry....I was right there ready to catch.

Throwing her hands in the air saying "Ta-Da"

Now let's get even higher!

OK..Mommy put the camera down and grab her!

So thankful that God has given me this precious gift! I cannot wait to share these adventures with Lexie too!