Wednesday, July 21, 2010

First Carnival

So there is a carnival in the mall parking lot right now. Yes, I know those can be a little scary--but it every kid has to go, right!?! So, this didn't turn out like I had planned--but here is how Janie's first carnival experience went down:

I called and found out they are open from 4:00-10:00. I know it is much more fun at night--but Janie is usually asleep by 7:30 or 8:00...and it is still day-light. I was determined to make this happen-who wants to go to a carnival at 4:00-not me!!

So, I planned to take her last night. I manipulated her naps so that she would be awake and excited to leave the house around 7:30. I hoped to get there and be ready to have fun by 8:00 and it wouldn't be sunny or hot and the lights would be brighter for her to enjoy!

I asked Debra to go with us....Debra teaches with me in my class and she LOVES Janie...she has been with me every step of our journey.

So we get there and I am beyond excited. The smell of funnel cakes and cotton candy fills the air-and carnival music is playing! I am ready to have some FUN, FUN, FUN!

Well, I know Janie is tiny but I guess I just don't see her as small. (I mean she runs all around my house, climbs furniture, and is wild!)

So I marched right up to the ticket booth and bought $20 worth of tickets then went to get in line for the first "baby" ride I saw. To my surprise and shock I was told she was too small...what? 

So, on to the next line...same thing "too small"....this actually went on for 5 rides before I realized that guess what....Janie is too small! 

It was then that it hit me, she is small (all 17 pounds of her). I was beyond bummed! I begged and begged them to let her ride the train-they said OK. Then I begged them to let her ride the balloons-they said OK. None of the other "baby rides" would give in to my begging!  On a positive note: she did have fun watching all the lights and other kids. Maybe next summer she will be able to do more! 

So now I have all these tickets and can't use them. Oh well, I'm sure I can find someone to use them! 

Janie and Debra ready to have some fun!

Janie and Mommy on the train!

Janie and Mommy on the balloon ride!

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michelle said...

I'm glad Janie was able to ride some of the rides. Lexie is 17 pounds and we went to our town's carnival. As long as I could ride with her, she was able to go on. We even went on a helicopter ride, no seatbelt!! Well, maybe next year!