Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day. Janie and I are going to a cook-out later this afternoon with some great friends. Rain is in the forecast but we are hoping it will hold off. Through all the cook-outs, picnics, parties, and pool openings-let us remember the reason for honor those in service who have given their lives, are currently serving, and those who have given us past service. I count my grandfather (Pop) among those. 

These wonderful men and women have given us the most precious gift of FREEDOM and I am forever grateful! Freedom of religion, speech, to be who I am, even the freedom to adopt my precious child. We have so many riches because of these brave individuals--let us never forget that!

Friday, May 28, 2010

A Birthday Party!

Hi Everyone,
Janie here! Mommy hasn't posted any fun updates in a while-so I will do it for her :):)

So my friend Charlie turned 2 last Sunday (me, Charlie, Molly, and Ivey are all tbe best of friends...we stay together each day while our mommies are at work. All of our mommies are teachers and we all stay with Ms. Gaye during the day). Charlie's birthday party was at a place called Pump It Up. Mommy kept telling me how much fun I was going to have jumping on all the bouncy things. She was right! Funny thing is, I was the smallest guest there but I didn't know it. I kept trying to do EVERYTHING all the other kids do. Mommy says it's because I stay with kids a little older than me everyday. I don't realize that I am small. I am fiesty and want to do everything all the other kids are doing! Check out my pictures and videos below. 

Hmmm. OK. This is Pump it Up-what should I do first?
Mommy wanted me to go on the big slide with her-it was fun!

OK. Now I'm in the first bouncy thing. What do I do??
Ooh, this is fun! Charlie how did you get up there??

Here is my friend, the birthday boy-Charlie!
Mommy, please leave me alone and let me go inside this inflatable obstacle course by myself!
Please, mommy, please-let me go in there!
I went down the slide again with Molly and her mommy, Meredith!
Look mommy, I can do it all by myself-I don't need help!
Group shot! I stayed on the mat just long enough for a quick picture.
Charlie, Molly, and me enjoying cake and ice cream!
Charlie opening his gifts and all the kids gathering around to help. 
Me too-right in the middle of everything!
And now for some funny video of the day!

The first is Charlie and I bouncing so much we fell into each other and bonked heads-ouch. No worries though. I'm used to it! We were both fine!

Here I am playing with a ball in the bouncy basketball court.

And here I am going down the slide with Meredith!

I had lots of fun! Happy 2nd Birthday Charlie!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

When I had Janie's 1-year photo shoot a while back, it was soooo much fun! What a wonderful photographer (Stylized Portraiture in Athens-check them out HERE). It was impossible to choose, I bought way too much--but how do you say no. are a few shots of Janie's portraits around my house-lots more--these are just my favorites!

And here is the one above her crib. The poem is about daughters! And I love the pearls and tutu! Notice how we had to hang it so high--so she couldn't reach it and pull it down on her!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Each day I thank God for the blessings in my life, especially Janie! I cannot even express my love for this amazing child that He has given me. Today was somewhat of a tough day and my precious daughter always makes everything better! I am so happy to have such positivity in my life, along with the most loving family and supportive friends. God has blessed me and I am truely thankful. 

I pray for the waiting families, I pray for the orphans of the world hoping for thier forever family to find them, but mostly today I pray for those who go thru life without happiness.

Friday, May 14, 2010

15 months today!

Yep, my sweet girls is 15 months old today! How did that happen? My baby is now a toddler! Seriously, when did this happen! She is just adorable and doing sooooo great. Other than her small size (or should I say tiny size) you would never know she was a 30 week preemie! She has hit all the developmental milestones of a 15 month old-most before 15 months! You go, girl!

And she is FIESTY and has a temper that she sometimes like to show! Hmmm, that may prove to be a challenge in the future-it's so hard not to smile and laugh when this tiny body gets so mad!! 

I guess God knew she was going to be small, so he gave her the spunk she would need to not be pushed around by bigger people. 

I'll try to post some new pics tonight after she goes to bed.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bailey, Elmo, and a new game!

First, a few random photos of my sweet girl!

Trying to open mommy's laptop

Carrying around the t.v. remote!

Looking for Bailey! (see video below)

Now for the videos!!

Janie LOVES Bailey! She calls her "Bai" but has just started to try to get the "ley" sound at the end! She loves to look out the window and call for her! Sometimes Bailey will come up to the window and Janie LOVES it--but I've not caught that on video yet. Here is Janie calling Bailey! (And if you listen really close right at the very beginning you can hear her say "dog".)

Janie also has discovered Elmo! She just loves him and she calls him "Melmo". It is so cute, sometimes she even drags it out "Meeeelmo" with a cute little southern accent. 

Now to her new favorite game! She started this about a week ago. She does it ALL the time and I have been trying everything to catch it on video. The video isn't great, but you get the idea. She "hides" between the green chair and the wall and waits there while I say "Where's Janie, I can't find her". Sometimes she stays back there for a pretty long time giggling. Then she loves to pop out and have me say "There she is" or "Peek-a-boo". Usually she laughs hysterically when she "surprises" me! She thinks it is so funny that she has "hidden" from mommy! 

In the video, she sees the camera-so all you get is a smile as she is walking to the camera. Do they make invisble cameras?? Everytime she sees it, she stops what she is doing and I can't always capture it!!! Still funny though! Enjoy!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Funny Girl and Relay for Life!

Janie is still a silly girl these days! I swear she changes everyday! It is such a joy to watch her discover the world and learn new things! This amazing little person is an incredible blessing from God. I thank Him everyday for her. 

Being silly watching mommy cook her dinner!

Playing after dinner! (Little bit of water/juice spill on the front of my shirt)

The school where I teach (Oconee County High School) hosts Oconee's Relay for Life each year. Oconee is a small community (but growing everyday) and most everyone knows (and loves) Janie. Each year the Relay for Life attracts TONS of people and lots of money is raised for cancer research. Almost everyone is affected by cancer in some way. So many of us have had loved ones battle this illness and many loved ones have lost the fight. Over the years, I have dreamed of bringing my little girl to this important event--and this year it happened. Janie's first Relay for Life. 

It was very crowded and Janie loved every second of it. We had to go home first though and take a nap so she could handle at least a few hours. She did great....we got there around 8:00 (after napping from 5:00-7:00 and then dinner). She lasted until around 10:00pm!!! Late night for her!! I didn't get many pictures because we were just so busy doing everything we could and playing with all the other kids. We did a few laps (in Janie's favorite car of course) and then just hung around the OCHS tent!

Janie with a friend--another special education teacher I work with!

Hanging out after taking a few laps in my car!