Friday, January 29, 2010

Starbucks & Sweet Laugh!!

This Starbucks story is pretty random....but I stumbled on a post from another blog about ordering at Starbucks and it cracked me up! 

I don't drink coffee but sometimes go to Starbucks or Jittery Joe's for Hot Chocolate. I am always AMAZED at all the coffee choices and options. I have often wondered how the employees can remember it all, and what all that lingo reading this post had me laughing so hard.

For a good coffee giggle, CLICK HERE.

(In all honesty though....Starbucks does have a special meaning for me. There was a Starbucks in our hotel lobby in Taiwan. Each morning, my mom would take Janie for her morning Starbucks trip--they would "people watch" and hang out while I took my shower...and they always brought me back a muffin!! )


Oh how I love to see Janie smile and hear her laugh and giggle--it just melts my heart! What a joy and blessing! 

Below is video of mommy tickling Janie--kind of long, but we were having too much fun to stop and turn off the camera!!!

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