Wednesday, January 13, 2010

PEEK-A-BOO & 11 months old!!

I can't believe Janie is 11 months old! It's so hard to believe my baby girl will be 1 in just a month (sigh). 

She is doing so well....babbling like crazy! She "talks" all the time at home but clams up when we go out--she just observes everything so quietly when we are out.  

She is trying to walk so bad..she holds onto furniture and "walks" holding on. She can almost do it with just one hand...but when she tries to let go with both hands she can only stay up for a second and then drops to her bottom!  

She eats like crazy!! Big appetite! Still no teeth yet. But I swear it will happen anyday. She drools like a water faucet and her little gums are so swollen (poor thing).

And she is a climber!! She is always trying to get as high as she can go...she will climb ANYTHING!!

One of Janie's new favorite games is Peek-a-boo. She loves, loves, loves to play it. We started playing it a few months took a few weeks for her to catch on, but when she did she went wild for it. 

Now, she loves to "control" peek-a-boo. She doesn't want you to do it to her, instead she wants to do it. She'll hold up a blanket over her head and wait for you to say "Where's Janie" then she will drop the blanket smile and wait for you to say "There she is" or "Peek-a-boo".

During Christmas, she would bend down behind her toy and do peek-a-boo. We caught some of it on video but she was not playing it as well while it was recording--oh well, still so cute.

Here are some more Christmas pictures of Janie and a Peek-a-boo video!!

I just thank God everyday for bringing us together. She is such a joy and blessing. There really are no words!!

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TheRAGtv said...

That is too funny janie is going to be 1 in a month wow it seems like yesterday you just went to taiwan to get her she is so adorable

-Uncle Taylor (God Uncle anyways)