Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Random Cuteness and trying to WALK!!

Here are some random pictures of my sweet girl! Too cute!!!

Chillin in her polka dot pj's before bed

Having a good time in her pack-n-play

Crawling around the living room before heading out for the day

Notice those long bangs....she is scheduled for another hair cut this weekend! 11 months old and about to have her 2nd haircut!

And now some video: Janie is trying really hard to start walking. Here is a video of her "walking" down the length of the couch--going for the remote!! She can cruise around furniture and her "stand up" toys....she can't let go though. She can let go with one hand, but once she lets go with both-watch out. She falls to her bottom and gets MAD, MAD, MAD! 

Oh little sweetie--don't grow up too fast!! My little baby girl is changing so quickly right before my eyes!! Love you bunches baby!!

PS: She also has a new "game" I like to call telephone. It is too funny! I'll try to get video of it!

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