Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Loves the camera & Tooth!

Janie has a tooth! Her first one! It finally broke thru the skin this weekend!! It has been trying for a few weeks now! You can't really see it yet, but you can feel it-sharp little thing!!

Janie loves the camera--or should I say, she loves the lens cap. Lately it has been really hard to get pictures of her. The minute she sees the camera she immediately comes and tries to grab the lens cap! Most of my pictures lately look like this:

Silly girl! I cannot believe she is almost 1 year old! I am a little sad about it. I am so lucky and blessed that we became a family when she was still really young (7 months) and I have been able to experience so many firsts (first roll over, first crawl, first tooth, etc). But, I still feel like I missed so much before that and I feel like she is growing too fast! 

And her social calendar is packed the next few weekends.

This weekend
Saturday-Asian Mentor Program hosts a Chinese New Year Party that we are attending!!
Sunday-Church and then a Kelly's Kids Clothing Party

Next Weekend:
Friday-First professional photo shoot
Saturday-Probably another haircut (Crazy I know....her bangs grow soooo fast)
Sunday-Her FIRST BIRTHDAY!!!! Celebrate with close family and friends
Monday-Doctor appointment-1 year check-up

Following Weekend:
Saturday-Attend Wylie's 1st Birthday party
Sunday-Janie's Baptism and Luncheon to follow--lots of family and friends coming to celebrate!!

Love ya baby girl!!

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QingLu Mama said...

Oh...yes perfection! Janie is adorable and looks like she is full of energy and happiness! I love the way you describe her in your posts...your joy and love is just pouring out!

And both our babes are turning one this week...

I must say, Sammy Wei and I have a bit of "hair envy" over here! Two haircuts! Too cute!

Happy Birthday a bit early Janie!