Sunday, January 24, 2010

Shopping, more shopping, and another haircut!

This weekend was a busy one! Me, Janie, and MiMi did lots of FUN shopping (for Janie of course)!!!! Buying little girls clothes is SOOOO much fun!

First though, we had to get another haircut. Janie's bangs were in her eyes and the back was long, uneven, and looking scruffy....we had her 2nd haircut to shape it up!! So adorable!!! 
11 months old and has already had 2 haircuts! Too funny :):)

As for shopping, looks like we have several upcoming holidays and special events covered:

We bought:
  • Her birthday outfit (also Valentine's outfit since she is a Valentine baby)
  • Her Christening Dress for that big day coming up soon!
  • Her Saint Patrick's Day outfit
  • Her Easter Dress
  • 2 other outfits
  • A great Christmas dress that was on MAJOR clearance--we had to totally guess at the size-but hopefully it will work next Christmas. If not, oh well. It was such a great price we couldn't pass it up!
We shopped til we dropped and Janie loved every second of it!!


everything we need is enough said...

I've said it before... but oh my gosh she is SO STINKIN' CUTE! I would love to photograph her! Email me anytime if you'd ever like to set something up... no charge :)

TheRAGtv said...

oh my gosh sooooooooooo adorable