Thursday, January 21, 2010

Praying for guidance

I usually don't like to talk about myself on this blog--this is Janie's blog. It is about her. Not me. She is my 100% focus. And, since I just posted cute photos (and video) below....I hate to push it down with a post about me. But here goes.....

I am praying for specific guidance in a specific area of my life right now. I am a mother, a daughter, a teacher, a coach, and most importantly-a child of God. I need His guidance....

I have finally come to realize/accept that everyone in the world is not always as they appear. Deception can be right in front of you. Have you ever encountered someone who you thought was a friend/a supporter then come to realize they only want your friendship when they "need" something. I am experiencing that right now in one aspect of my life. I can't really go into detail on this very public blog. 

But it bothers me that people can appear to be almost "sucking up" after things have been said and done-and only when they appear to "need" something. Not an apology or a re-building of a relationship--nope, acting like I don't know what I know-acting as if nothing negative was ever said about me or done to me--And the academy award goes to "______"

Lord, I pray for guidance to see me thru this situation and I pray that I don't become this kind of person. Amen

(Now scroll on down and check out that cute daughter of mine! She sure does have a way of making mommy smile and forget about all the negative that can sneak into your life if you let it. Video doesn't appear to be working--actually none of my past videos are working and I notice on other family blogs their video isn't working either--must be a blogger error).

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