Monday, January 18, 2010

Hurricane Janie!

Ok...So my sweet little girl just brings so much happiness and joy to the world. She ALWAYS makes me smile and whenever we go places, she makes strangers smile too! I can't make it thru any store without someone commenting on how adorable she is. And of course she loves it! She just smiles and flirts with everyone she meets! What a happy girl! I am so blessed and honored to be her mommy!

But, this morning we were playing in the living room. It is MLK Holiday so I have the day off--I love it because Janie and I get to spend the whole day together!! Well, anyways onto the title of this post--Hurricane Janie

Here she is beginning to play this morning.....then she decided to pull ALL of her toys out of her baskets and take over the entire living room area!

The results of Hurricane Janie!!!

Here is one view:
And here is another (more destructive) view:

Guess it is time to get a bigger toy box!! Ha-Ha!!
The funny thing is my social worker is coming tomorrow for my second post-adoption visit!!!