Sunday, September 13, 2009

We made it!

Hi Everyone,

We made it safely to Taipei and we are currently in our hotel. My laptop does not appear to be working so I have called ATT to try to get it fixed....if not, then my updates may be very slim since I will have to use the hotel computer (and it costs $).

Also, I am having some cell phone issues--but again we have contacted ATT to fix it. I am able to get calls but can't seem to make them.....Please keep in mind it is very expensive to answer calls so emergencies only please!!

We said our prayers all the way from Taipei airport to hotel. Our taxi driver was CRAZY!! He made New York Drivers look like little old ladies!!!

I'm going to try to put a few pictures of us arriving at Airport and our room (if I can)...Our room is great (thanks for the advice Kate)!! Mom isn't thrilled about the airport was after 22.5 hours of travel!!

We love you guys!! We can't wait until tomorrow when we finally meet my daughter, Love Bug!!!!


Cara said...

Congratulations on a safe trip! Have a fabulous day tomorrow when you meet your little girl!!!

Maygan said...

Hi Tonya,

Today is Sunday. We went by to see about your fish. They are doing great. I showed Maygan your nursery. She thought it was precious. I am so excited that you and your mom are in Taiwan. I am glad you got their safely. God Bless! The pictures were great.
Your room is as nice as they showed on the internet. Hope to hear from you soon, if possible.

See ya,


Brandon and April said...

So excited for you!! Looks like you've got a nice place there!! Can't wait to see you and sweet little Janie together at last!

Sean said...

YAY! I'm so glad you guys made it safe and sound! I was going to call before y'all left, but I am so bad about not calling... Anyway, hope the trip is fun and exciting, take lots of pictures! Everyone says hi! Can't wait to meet her!

Kathy Kennon said...

Congratulations! We are so ecited for you. Tell your mom she looks great! Hope everthing is going well. The hotel is fabulous! Can't wait to see more pictures! We love you tell your mom hey and talk to you soon. Kathy and David

ellis.thea said...

The hotel is very nice!! Get some rest, you'll need it! Tomorrow is the big day...I'm so excited!! I sure hope they fix your internet so we get to see pictures!

Ashley Hood said...

Glad to hear you made it to Taiwan!
Madison and I are anxiously waiting to see those first pictures of Janie with her mommy.
We'll be praying for both of you tonight.
Ashley and Madison Hood