Sunday, September 20, 2009

Taiwan's beauty

Grandma and Janie are taking a morning nap, so mommy is going to tell you about our day yesterday! 

We took a tour of the Northern Coastal Region and visited a local mountain village. It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Janie was great! She loves to go, go, go! So she had a big time. The coast and rock formations are breathtaking! 

Then we went to a local village and walked thru a long, narrow, winding market. They had the most amazing things for sale. Lots of hand-made crafts and items. There was also lots of food vendors with very interesting foods! Most of the food, we really didn't recognize. I drank some tea and tried a few things--but not too much. Grandma just looked! We took lots of amazing pictures of this adorable village. What a wonderful experience this was. And the people, so kind and loving! What an amazing country.

Funny side note: There was a 7-11 in the village. There is a 7-11 on almost every corner here in Taiwan! It is so funny!! When we left the village, we stopped in at got a frozen coke! So, even across the world, we can still experience a little bit of America!
Today we hope to finalize things at the AIT and HOPEFULLY get Janie's visa before the end of business day today (Monday). If so, we will be able to travel as planned on Tuesday to come home. 

I will miss Taiwan. It is an amazing country full of rich culture and wonderful traditions. But, I am ready to come home. I am ready to introduce my daughter to all of you! 

I hope I am taking it all in...I want to tell her all about her birth country!


ellis.thea said...

It is beautiful there!!! See you, Grandma, and Janie soon!!

Kellough said...

All of the special ed. folks at OCHS are so happy for you. We have certainly enjoyed the pics and can't wait to meet Janie!

Becky said...

What a beautiful place. I'm glad you all are getting a chance to see it. Now you will have pictures and stories to share with Janie as she grows up. Hope you are able to get that last piece of paper taken care of and have a safe trip home.