Saturday, September 19, 2009

Taipei 101

We went to visit the Taipei 101 building! Wow! It is soooo beautiful. Janie did wonderful on the elevator--she just cooed and sucked her pacifer. The view is amazing. The top of Empire in NY is not even close to comparison! The mountains are so beautiful and the other buildings and architecture--wow!! What a beautiful country.

And the mall at the bottom-I was in heaven. Every possible up-scale store you can imagine (Coach, Gucci, Dolce, Versace, Hermes, you name it). Of course, I couldn't afford anything!! My little girl is more beautiful than anything in any of those stores!!!!! But, it was fun to take her around the mall! 

And remember how I said she attracts a crowd--see the pictures for proof!!! We are loving Taiwan and love exploring but finding it kind of hard since we can't even get around from everyone swarming her. The Taiwan people are so kind and so sweet and they just want to play with her everywhere we go.

The picture of Janie and grandma at the entrance to Taipei 101 was taken by me and several other people. Others were pointing at us and taking the same picture. Then while in the building of course she was a local "celebrity" again. One man even pulled out his own camera and was posing her to take pictures of her!! 

A lady at a jewelry store kept saying she looks like a little doll that you don't think is real until she moves. My baby is adored by all! She did really well with all the attention--but did get overwhelmed so we had to leave. We were going to try a night market last night, but decided against it since so many people are usually there, I'm afraid she'll get swarmed again. At one point, I was looking at a map and I heard mom say "Tonya, help". I looked up and I couldn't even find them...there were so many happy, smiling ladies surrounding them! What a special girl!!!

Special Note to the ladies group at church: Tell everyone Janie should be fine making her debut at church next Sunday! Her little personality is so much fun and I think she is looking forward to meeting all of you! 

Today we plan to take a tour to a local village and the northern coast...should be fun!

We love and miss all of you!


Charlene said...

What fun you girls are having. Keep enjoying this special time for the next couple of days, but hurry home. We are so anxious to meet that preet little baby doll!

Maygan said...

Tonya, I can't believe all of the people that were surrounding you. Did it scare you? I think I would of screamed.

The building Taipei 101 is huge. I can't believe how high up you were. I don't know if I could of stood that. I am afraid of hights,
but the view was beauatiful.

Janie sure does look sweet sleeping. Are you still giving her cereal?

It was great hearing your voice Friday, I couldn't believe it was you. I saw Sherry later and told her I had talked with you and that you were needing one more document before coming home. We will see you soon! Have a safe trip back!

See ya!

Becky said...

It does look like a beautiful place. I'm glad that you all are getting a chance to see it. She certainly is precious with that wild hair of hers. Can't wait to get to see her in person.