Friday, September 18, 2009

AIT update

Hi Everyone,
Thank you for your prayers and thoughts during the AIT appointment. It went pretty well. It was a lot of waiting while they reviewed paperwork and waited our turn in line. Janie was a trooper. She handled it like a champ! Actually she handled it better than mommy did :):)

Grandma walked her all around the building while mommy waited and talked, waited and talked, and filled out paperwork! We think Janie and grandma must have walked in circles in the waiting room for about 2 miles!! Janie just smiled and flirted with everyone there while she was cruising thru the office!

We were told we  just need 1 more document. It was unable to get done on Friday and cannot be done this hopefully we will get it all taken care of on Monday. If so, the AIT can process the Visa and we can head home on Tuesday as planned! Let's all take a minute and pray that everything falls into place.

We plan on doing some sightseeing this weekend! We have a couple of tours we are interested in taking. 

We love you guys and miss you all! Hope to see you soon!!!


Lynn said...

Prayers are continually going up for you, Janie and Pat. Enjoy the sightseeing and take lots of pictures! Janie gets cuter each picture I see. Love to you all.

w8tn42and3 said...

It was so nice to meet you, your mom and Janie at AIT! I hope all goes well for you with that 1 that thing! Keep in touch!!!