Friday, September 25, 2009

Life is GREAT!

Hi Everyone,
Sorry for the lack of posts lately--I've been a little busy! Janie and I are loving life. She is the most precious child. We have only known each other for 11 days and only been home for 3 days but I can barely remember my life before her. Each day we discover something new, yet each day it seems like she has always been with me. Although I know she is really here with me, I often find myself just staring at her while she sleeps. Sometimes I'm just in disbelief that she really is right in front of me. She really is right in her own crib. She really is right in my arms. It really is her that I am looking at, not a picture....It always brings tears of joy to my eyes. 

She is adjusting really well. She has her first pediatrician appt on Tuesday next week so I am excited to see how that goes. She has had several visitors at home already and yesterday we went to the school to meet some of her OCHS Warrior Family. We also went to the last 10 minutes of a cheer practice and to a few minutes of a JV Football game-whew, big day for Janie!
It was definitely fun for her, she loved it all--but was beyond tired when we finally got home. She crashed hard, then woke up a little fussy-which is unusual for her. But, after some calming time, she seemed to get back on track.

Her sleeping is going well at night-I think she is on Georgia time zone now--but we haven't really established a daytime nap schedule yet. She basically just falls asleep when tired during the day. She is eating well. The cereal mixed with formula is working great. I wanted to begin her on some purred, bland fruit or vegetables, but plan to wait until after her first doctor appointment.

I haven't introduced Bailey to her yet. Bailey is my dog. She is still at the kennel. I wanted Janie to adjust to life in her new home before bringing Bailey into the picture. Bailey has been my #1 baby for 13 years so this should be interesting! I plan to bring Bailey home on Sunday afternoon. I just hope all goes well. Poor Bailey--she will always be my #1 dog, but Janie is top priority now...I have a plan-hopefully it all works accordingly.

We had a blast in Taiwan. I will forever remember the time we spent there. It is an amazing country and I am forever thankful for my little Taiwanese princess! I will never forget the wonderful people who cared for my little darling. You know who you are! Thank you so much for loving my child. She is doing so well-and it is all because of each of you! There are no words to express my feelings--just know that I will always remember each of you in my daily prayers. My child is so lucky to have had such a wonderful beginning of life with so many loving people in Taiwan! God put each of you into her life and you are all forever a part of her.

The pictures and video are of our last day in Taiwan-enjoy!

I probably won't update this blog that much now that I am home and busy with my Love Bug. But, I will try to put some info on her occasionally and for special events. 

I mostly began the blog for family and friends to follow our journey while in Taiwan....but along the way I have met so many other wonderful families in the adoption world thru the blog. (Obviously we don't speak everyday so I will try to update on here--just as I enjoy reading each of your adventures!!!)

Thanks again to everyone who supported me thru this journey! What a roller coaster the past 3 years has been-it has all been 100% worth it. I would go thru everyday all over again knowing the end result is this wonderful!

Take care!!!


m said...

Hi my name is Michelle
I am very intrested in adopting and would really be greatful for any help or
advice not only is Taiwan where I would like to adopt God willing but I am also single.
If you have any time I would really appreciate it very much.


Bethany said...

What a DOLL!!! I can't wait to meet her next week.


Hi Tonya!! I am SO happy that it is all going SO well for you and Janie!!! She is so incredibly cute!!!!!!! And her personality seems just so sweet! You have been blessed indeed! :-) I can't wait to get our phone call, and then go over there too!!! It was so fun following your journey unfold!!!

Blessings to you and your adorable "Love Bug"!!!! ;-)

Love, Denice