Saturday, May 1, 2010

Funny Girl and Relay for Life!

Janie is still a silly girl these days! I swear she changes everyday! It is such a joy to watch her discover the world and learn new things! This amazing little person is an incredible blessing from God. I thank Him everyday for her. 

Being silly watching mommy cook her dinner!

Playing after dinner! (Little bit of water/juice spill on the front of my shirt)

The school where I teach (Oconee County High School) hosts Oconee's Relay for Life each year. Oconee is a small community (but growing everyday) and most everyone knows (and loves) Janie. Each year the Relay for Life attracts TONS of people and lots of money is raised for cancer research. Almost everyone is affected by cancer in some way. So many of us have had loved ones battle this illness and many loved ones have lost the fight. Over the years, I have dreamed of bringing my little girl to this important event--and this year it happened. Janie's first Relay for Life. 

It was very crowded and Janie loved every second of it. We had to go home first though and take a nap so she could handle at least a few hours. She did great....we got there around 8:00 (after napping from 5:00-7:00 and then dinner). She lasted until around 10:00pm!!! Late night for her!! I didn't get many pictures because we were just so busy doing everything we could and playing with all the other kids. We did a few laps (in Janie's favorite car of course) and then just hung around the OCHS tent!

Janie with a friend--another special education teacher I work with!

Hanging out after taking a few laps in my car!

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