Sunday, April 25, 2010

What a joy!

So life is always so much fun with Janie. What a sweet, sweet baby (or should I say toddler now). Such a joy! Here are just some random pics of her going about her daily activities!  She is changing so much each day! I can't believe how much she learns and changes each day! 

She is walking everywhere now--very little crawling now! And she is into EVERYTHING! Everything is new and fun to explore (keeps mommy on her toes)!! 

Lots of babbling and she has about 10-12 words she uses consistently. The funniest is Bai.....Explaination: My dog is named Bailey and Janie calls her "Bai" (she leaves off the "ley" sound. Now, any animal is Bai. She sees any dog, cat, horse, cow, goat, anything and she points and says "Bai". It's too cute!!

Playing with her toys after waking up from a nap!

Vroom, Vroom...Driving my car at the park!

Getting ready for a fun day!

Checking out myself in the mirror before I leave :):)

Silly girl playing!

Turning the night light on/off, on/off, and so on...

Snack time-yummy!

At the park-concentrating so hard on trying to climb the ropes like the big kids :) :) 

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QingLu Mama said...

She is just precious! Love the one of her checking herself out in the mirror! To cute!
Isn't it just amazing how much they accomplish in a day, all the new things they do, say and master! I love this age!