Friday, May 14, 2010

15 months today!

Yep, my sweet girls is 15 months old today! How did that happen? My baby is now a toddler! Seriously, when did this happen! She is just adorable and doing sooooo great. Other than her small size (or should I say tiny size) you would never know she was a 30 week preemie! She has hit all the developmental milestones of a 15 month old-most before 15 months! You go, girl!

And she is FIESTY and has a temper that she sometimes like to show! Hmmm, that may prove to be a challenge in the future-it's so hard not to smile and laugh when this tiny body gets so mad!! 

I guess God knew she was going to be small, so he gave her the spunk she would need to not be pushed around by bigger people. 

I'll try to post some new pics tonight after she goes to bed.

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