Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bailey, Elmo, and a new game!

First, a few random photos of my sweet girl!

Trying to open mommy's laptop

Carrying around the t.v. remote!

Looking for Bailey! (see video below)

Now for the videos!!

Janie LOVES Bailey! She calls her "Bai" but has just started to try to get the "ley" sound at the end! She loves to look out the window and call for her! Sometimes Bailey will come up to the window and Janie LOVES it--but I've not caught that on video yet. Here is Janie calling Bailey! (And if you listen really close right at the very beginning you can hear her say "dog".)

Janie also has discovered Elmo! She just loves him and she calls him "Melmo". It is so cute, sometimes she even drags it out "Meeeelmo" with a cute little southern accent. 

Now to her new favorite game! She started this about a week ago. She does it ALL the time and I have been trying everything to catch it on video. The video isn't great, but you get the idea. She "hides" between the green chair and the wall and waits there while I say "Where's Janie, I can't find her". Sometimes she stays back there for a pretty long time giggling. Then she loves to pop out and have me say "There she is" or "Peek-a-boo". Usually she laughs hysterically when she "surprises" me! She thinks it is so funny that she has "hidden" from mommy! 

In the video, she sees the camera-so all you get is a smile as she is walking to the camera. Do they make invisble cameras?? Everytime she sees it, she stops what she is doing and I can't always capture it!!! Still funny though! Enjoy!

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