Sunday, October 18, 2009

My new favorite picture!

Here is my new favorite picture of Janie! We had just gotten back from church and her grandma and grandpa had come over to visit! I just wish she had her bow in her hair--she had taken it out before the picture was taken--but check out that smile!! 

We planned to go to the Fall Festival and then to the Pumpkin Patch on Saturday but it rained all day--so I guess we will go to the pumpkin patch next weekend--and the fall festival next year! 

Janie experienced 2 restaurants this weekend and did wonderful! The only problem is she doesn't fit in the high chairs--she's still too small. She can sit up but slides we pretty much have to hold her...but she did really well!

Janie and I are are excited about Halloween coming up-then Thanksgiving and Christmas! This year the holidays are going to be so special!! 

Then, Valentines Day (Janie's first birthday)---oh time is flying by too fast!


Krista said...

Hey Tonya!! The little one is absolutely beautiful, and I'm so glad you are settling into Mommyhood so well. You just seem so happy! :)

I wanted to tell you about our highchair cover because it has been amazing. It is an Eddie Bauer, and I got it at Target for $20. It fits over the seat of grocery buggies and over highchairs. Maybe it would help keep little Janie in her highchair. An added plus - it keeps all the nasty germs off of her! Also, I rolled up a towel at first and put it in the chair behind Addison, so it kept her pushed up against the front a little better.

Kevin and I really want to see you and meet Janie soon. We'll let you know the next time we are over that way. Or, we'd love to have visitors if you want to come to Dahlonega! Talk to you soon!

Sheryl said...


I had no idea you finally had Janie! Wow! She is adorable. I am so, so happy for you! When did she come home? Email me at Gaddieadopt @ I have misplaced your email address.

Sheryl (Your fellow former Vietnam adoption compatriot!)

Melissa said...

Wow! Our girls are both from Taiwan and only 1 week apart in age. They have a lot of things in common too! Janie's list of things she can do is almost identical to Ellas. The pigtails are pretty easy by the way. Just look for the little clear baby hair ties at the drugstore. They come in a pack of about 50!