Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Just chillin!

Not much really happening in Janie's life right now. We are just chilling at home enjoying each other. Of course, we do our regular outings (shopping, meeting people, visiting family, cheer activities)....but we mostly like our quiet time at home playing and bonding. Janie is also babbling a lot more each and every day! I keep trying to get it on video but every time I turn on the camera she stops. It sounds so cute! I just love to listen to her! Some "b" sounds and tons of "m" sounds--and she loves to hum!

Each day we grow closer and closer......I don't think I could love her anymore than I do right now..but tomorrow I will love her even more, and then more the next day, and so on...
My love for her just grows and grows everyday! What a blessing she is!

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