Saturday, October 3, 2009

Janie's Big Day

Hi Everyone,
Janie here.....

Wow! I had a big day yesterday. I went to mommy's classroom to visit with her students, then to the board office to meet some more new people! Everybody was nice to me and seemed so happy to finally meet me! There are so many people who love me!

Then, I had my first play-date. Mommy's friend, Bethany, brought her baby boy Wylie over to visit. Wylie is only 4 days younger than me---so we had lots of fun! I think he's pretty darn cute!

And finally, mommy took me to a really loud, strange place. She called it a high school football game. I don't remember anything like this in Taiwan. There were people EVERYWHERE and they all wanted to meet me. I was a little scared and overwhelmed at all the noise and attention, but as long as mommy held me close I felt safe and OK. Usually I let others hold me and love on me, but not tonight--I only wanted my mommy!

But it sure was fun! I showed my Warrior Pride by wearing my blue & white! I met many of mommy's former cheerleaders. It was the Homecoming game so many girls came back to visit. And, I took my picture with the cheerleading team. Mommy put the picture on here. It is hard to see me in all those girls, but look close...I'm there!

Whew, I was TIRED when we finally got home! I had tons of fun and can't wait for the next game. Mommy told me that our next big adventure is going to be a cheerleading competition. I don't know what that is, but I'm ready to find out!!!

I love you all!

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April said...

What fun GIRLS!!!!! I am so glad you're keeping a record here!! I hope you keep them coming!!