Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lots to tell!

Hi Everyone,

Janie here...
Mommy has really been keeping me busy. I haven't had time to update you all and show you pictures. 

Many of you have told me you miss my posts--but like I said, mommy keeps me so busy!

Let's see what all have I done recently?? Well, I went to Grandma's office and had lunch with the girls. It was fun. I got to meet many of the nice people who work with my grandma. They all have been praying for me to come home soon--it was fun meeting all of them.

I went to another cheerleading competition and met many of mommy's coaching friends. They were all very happy to meet me! And I got to meet Lorenzo and Patrick. That was fun!  They are special people in mommy's life and they are adopting a little girl real soon too!! I can't wait to meet her...I think we will be good friends!

I got to celebrate grandma's birthday with her! That was fun. I even got to pick out a present and card. I think Grandma was really happy to have me home for her birthday!

I heard great news about my former Taiwan roomie, Harrison. His family got their first ruling! YAY! Harrison will be meeting his mommy and daddy soon! I am so happy for him. Once he gets home and gets settled, I may ask mommy if we can take a road trip to Tennessee to visit him. You can follow his journey on his mommy's site:

Today I went to the Pediatric Cardiologist. He was really nice and said everything looked great. You may not remember, but when I was still in the hospital in Taiwan they had to do a small heart procedure. The doctor here in America said everything looked really good and that the Taiwan doctors took GREAT care of me! I knew that already!! The doctor said I have no restrictions and look perfect!! Of course I showed the doctor and nurses that my lungs work well! I didn't really like laying on the table for the tests and I let everyone within a 20 mile radius know--I was mad, mad, mad!

But I do like to stay home and just play with mommy! She is pretty silly. I am beginning to laugh at her and she really seems to like it! I also like to stick my tongue out at her-it makes her laugh. She is trying to get a picture of me doing it!!

I'll talk to you all soon!! I love you all!!


4taiwan said...

oh we are sitting here at MLH computer looking at the pix and tearing up...so glad to hear the dr said all is great!! She is growing!!!! Hugs and kisses from Taiwan

w8tn42and3 said...

Wow Janie... I am impressed that your mommy keeps you so busy! You have done so many fun things! Kepp having fun little one and take care of your Mommy and Grammy!

Jami (from AIT)