Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I'm 8 months today!!

Today Janie turns 8 months! Oh my baby is growing so fast...The pictures of her show her sitting and playing the past 2 nights before bed time....
Here are some things about Janie right now....
Janie's size:
  • At my last doctor visit this week I weighed in at 12 pounds 4 ounces. I'm small but fiesty and strong!
  • I am wearing 3 month clothes, but I like my sleepers in 3-6 months b/c I'm kind of long and like to have more room to kick my legs!
  • All of my cute bloomers that match my dresses won't stay on--they fall off. Mommy says I don't have much of a bottom!
Janie's personality:
  • I love to play! I have so many toys and love them all!
  • I can sit up now for a longer time before falling over. Last night mommy played with me sitting up for almost 15 minutes before I leaned over! 
  • I can't crawl yet but I am trying really hard. I get frustrated and fussy when I don't get anywhere.
  • I can scoot and "comando crawl" or roll over to get where I want. 
  • I love it when mommy puts all my toys in a circle and me in the middle. I lay on my stomach and spin around playing with each of them (like a clock)!
  • I am getting more used to my car seat, but I still don't like it at night.
  • I only like my stroller if we are in a big space like a park or walking thru the neighborhood. In stores, I prefer to be held or in the carrier-I can't see in the stroller and I get fussy.
  • I get bored easily. I still like to go, go, go!
  • I love music!
  • I am ticklish (especially under the chin and belly).
  • I am beginning to laugh out loud at mommy! She likes it!
  • I like to stick my tongue out at people.
  • I like to imitate a "pop" sound with my lips after my mommy!
  • I am very interested in a dog named Bailey that lives with me but mommy won't let us play together. I like to watch Bailey when she is walking down the hallway or outside.
  • I love visiting my grandma and grandpa.
  • I love play dates and have already had several friends come over to play!
  • I love to coo and babble-not really talking yet, I do say "Eeeh" a lot.
  • I don't really like restaurants too much-I get bored.
  • I love my Gerber baby cereal--I dive towards the spoon.
  • I prefer my formula though and love to eat, eat, eat!
  • I love to dance. Mommy holds my hands and I stand up and dance and bounce up and down.
  • I like to visit mommy's school. All the teachers enjoy seeing me.
  • I love cheerleading routines. I like them at competitions but I love watching the videos on the tv or computer. I like the fast music!
  • When I am sleepy I hum--mommy calls it my "sleepy song"
  • I will only go to sleep if mommy rocks me first.
  • I have 4 distinct cries (one for hunger, one for sleepy, one for frustration, and the final one is my temper-and watch out when that one happens). Luckily mommy knows all 4 of these cries now.
  • I love the people at my church and I will stay upstairs for part of the service before I get fussy and go downstairs to the nursery--but there is a toy down there that is loud and boy I get mad if I hear it!
  • I am thankful that God brought me to my forever family. I love my life, my family, and all my new friends. 


Brandon and April said...

Happy 8 months Janie bug!!!

Dana said...

Wow Tonya, So much has gone on since you got home. I hadn't checked the blog since you returned. I figured you would update by e-mail but that you were just extremely busy with your new little one. Sounds like you are both blissfully happy and I am so so happy for you. I can't wait to meet her myself. Go ahead and be getting those Christmas cards ready. It will be here before you know it!!!! We'll all be expecting one :-) Talk to you soon.