Thursday, October 29, 2009

First Pigtails!


She was kind of wiggly while I was doing this new hairdo! Maybe next time it will look a little better! She doesn't mind me messing with her hair--she just kept wiggling away to play! What a cutie!!!


Robin said...

Her pigtails are just adorable. I had found your blog and was following your journey for a while. We got our Final and Travel at just about the same time. I am looking at pictures of Janie and wondering if she is aboriginal? My daughter has similar big beautiful eyes and dark skin. We were told she is from the Amis tribe. Just curious. Congratulations on bringing your daughter home. She is so beauiful.


April said...

oh....that's pretty awesome! I bet Harrison has enough hair for this..we'll soon find out!! Not that Brandon would let me get away with something like it :o)

Dunns said...

too cute!! It's hard to master a good pigtails with a wiggle worm... I give Ellie something to keep her busy for a minute while I'm trying to get just one pony tail in..LOL

Can you email me PM.. I have a question about readoption in Georgia, and if you can give me some advice.


Bethany said...

WAY too cute!!!!!!!!