Thursday, February 11, 2010

Chinese New Year!

Last weekend we attened a Chinese (Lunar) New Year party hosted by the Asian Mentor Program from The Univ. of Ga. It is a great program. Asian student from UGA are matched with adopted children and they help teach the child Asian culture and traditions. We had a are some pictures!!

Well this weekend is going to be a busy one. Why? Sunday, Feb. 14 is:
1. Valentine's Day
2. Chinese New Year

Yep, she turns 1 on Sunday! What a special day. We have a few things planned but not too much since next weekend is going to be a huge one for her. Friday she goes for her professional birthday photo shoot! I cannot wait! The company is amazing and does BEAUTIFUL work. You can check out thier site HERE.

Saturday we will be busy getting ready for Sunday! Sunday's plan:
Go to church, come home rest, get ready for our B-Day/Chinese New Year/Valentine's Day celebration!! A few friends and family are coming over.

Then next weekend is the biggie!!
Next Saturday we are going to Wylie's 1st Birthday party. You can check out his blog HERE

Then next Sunday is Janie's Baptism. So far we have over 60 people confirmed attending the service and luncheon to follow at a new local restaurant (and about 20 I am still waiting to hear from). We are so excited to dedicate Janie to our Lord that day! Of course she is already a child of God and so blessed....I am beyond touched that so many people are coming to witness this special event. JANIE IS SO LOVED BY SO MANY PEOPLE! It warms my heart!!!!

Here are some more random pictures of Janie sweetness!

Oh yeah! She has another tooth! That makes 2 now!

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Robin said...

Happy Birthday Janie! What an exciting weekend for you all. She is such a cutie pie.