Saturday, February 13, 2010

First Snow & Birthday Preparations

Janie experienced her first snow! It snowed about 3-4 inches. She wasn't really sure about it but it was beautiful and she was definetly interested and trying to figure out what it was :):)

Janie and MiMi watching it snow!

Janie and Mommy!

So sweet!

Getting ready for her 1st Birthday, Valentine's Day, and Chinese New Year!

Notice the red envelopes for Chinese New Year! And, in the little white bag is a traditional Asian present from a dear friend. We'll share what it is tomorrow!

Check out Janie's Balloons--she LOVES balloons!! 
1. A heart Hugs & Kisses Balloon for Valentine's Day. 
2. A Birthday balloon. 
3. And a Dragon Balloon (it is to symbolize Chinese New Year). B/C of snow, we were unable to make it to the party store--so that is the best Publix had to offer that could represent Chinese New Year! :):)

I can't wait until she wakes up!! What fun we are going to have tomorrow!! Oh, and her photos taken yesterday--oh my goodness. She was the "fashion baby" sporting 5 different outfits. I cannot wait to see the final pictures. They took soooo many and so many look like they will turn out FABULOUS!! How will we ever chose??

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