Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Break Goal: WALKING!

OK...So a few weeks ago, Janie starting walking on her own. Her personal best was 6 steps but then she just decided to stop. She showed no interest in walking at all for about a week and half. Then all of a sudden this past week--she has taken off again!!! She has pretty much mastered walking around the living room going from one piece of furniture to another so we decided to give it a try at the park (in wide-open spaces).

The weather has been wonderful this week, mommy is on spring break from teaching, so we spent lots of time at the park. Janie loves to swing, watch the big kids, play in the tree bark on the ground, and of course WALK. 

Here are some pictures from the park this week and video of her longest walk yet--she had great motivation--she was walking to her MiMi!!!

I think it is so funny how she walks with her arms held above her head! 

Here she is walking--too cute! I love how at the end she starts going so fast--she falls down-it's like she can't keep up with herself!! Go Janie!! Arms up in the air holding hands in a "#1" sign--too sweet!!

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