Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Hi Everyone! 
Janie here....let me tell you all about my Easter Weekend! My very first Easter I was only about 2 months old and still in Taiwan celebrating this wonderful day with my Taiwan care-givers and loved ones. This Easter, I am home and celebrating with mommy, Mimi, Gramps, and lots of other family and friends.....

Mommy took over 150 pictures this past weekend, so I had a hard time choosing which ones to put on here-hope you like the ones I chose. Here is something funny though---in all of those 150 or so pictures, guess what? Mommy didn't take a single picture of me in my pretty white/pink Easter dress!! How funny is that. She says we are going to put it back on and take a few pictures another day!! 

But, I do have lots of pictures in my pretty green dress that my friend Martha gave me! I saved it for this weekend!

On Saturday morning, we went to the church for the children's Easter Celebration!
Here I am with all my church friends!
Waiting to go out for this thing mommy keeps calling an Easter Egg Hunt. Not sure exactly what she is talking about. She says I will find out b/c I have 3 of them this weekend! Last weekend we went to the local Easter Celebration at the park but it was windy and cold so we only did the little booths and activities (and met the Easter Bunny) but we didn't stay for the egg hunt-we left early. So, now I am ready to find out what this is all about!
Got my basket and I'm ready. Mommy keeps telling me to put these eggs in my basket but I like to bang them together instead!! By the way, I don't really like sitting on this prickly grass in my dress...it feels funny on my legs!

Oooh, you mean there is stuff inside these eggs?!? Wow!

Hanging with Mimi after the egg hunt!
Playing in the church nursery after the egg hunt!

Later on Saturday evening, I went over to the Harrison's (my God Family) for dinner and fun times! I love Tricia, Joe, Abbey, and Jay! They always make me laugh! They brought up Abbey and Jay's old slide and it was sooo much fun! They even let me take it home with me!!
This is their sweet cat, Annie. Isn't she cute!

Jay came riding up in the convertible and I was very interested! Mommy told Jay that I love the wind so he took me riding around in this silly car with no top!! Don't worry, Mommy was very safe--we only went in the neighborhood and went very slow!

The Easter Bunny hid some eggs at the Harrison's house for me to find! I think maybe I am getting the hang of this now....but I still don't like the grass poking my legs!
On Sunday morning, I woke up to find this on my toy box in the living room. Mommy said the Easter Bunny came! Oooh, in my bag were some great books and in the basket was some more books, Peeps, a funny flower, and my very own pink computer!! 
I think I kind of like the Easter Bunny!

After opening my basket and playing for a while, I ate breakfast and headed to church in my new white dress....of course, no pictures! But then after church we drove all the way up to Cartersville to visit family. It was a long ride (over 2 hours) but I slept most of the way.

When we got there, we had yummy food and got to see so many family members. Then we had ANOTHER egg hunt. I did much better this time. I knew what to do and I had pants on so I didn't mind the grass so much!!!
Uncle Griffin helping mommy and me find the "good" eggs! (The ones with money)
Look at my Gramps being silly!

Mimi and Aunt Charlene helping me walk!!
Playing with Gramps!

Having fun in my walker on the big, long porch! Look out everyone! 
Watch your toes or I will run over them!
Hanging out with my girls!
After I got home, whew I was pooped out! 
Here I am exhausted and sound asleep from all the fun!!!!
I hope you all had a wonderful Easter Weekend! I love you all!

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QingLu Mama said...

Too cute! Looks like a super fun weekend with lots of family fun!
Janie is just such a little cutie pie! She looks like she knows how to have fun!
And Janie, Sammy here is not a fan of the grass either. Why oh why is it all over the yard and the whole way out to the swingset?
Thanks for sharing, I laughed my way through this one1