Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I forgot

Life is so full of happiness and joy around here that March 12 came and went and I didn't even notice. March 12, 2008 was the day I received the referral of my Vietnamese daughter. As you know a few months later I lost the referral and then Sept. 1 the MOU expired and no more Vietnam referrals to the USA. Several dates with that failed adoption make me a little sad: March 12, the referral....June 24, losing the referral, and of course Sept. 22, her birthday. I often think about that precious little girl. I wonder if she is OK? I pray for her often. Although I never met her, held her, or heard her voice--I do consider her my daughter. I still talk about her occassionally and I call her Pheonix (that was going to be her middle name-it was the English translation of her Vietnamese name).

This year, March 12 came and I honestly didn't realize it. I feel bad for missing that date, but I am thankful that my life is so full right now that I didn't dwell on the loss.

I still have her picture in my living room and always plan to! Please join me in prayer that she is feeling God's love each day!


ditmas park said...

Hello Tonya,

congrats on your lovely (over the top cute) daughter.
can you email me and tell me how you went about adopting as a single mom from Taiwan?
thanks so much. (your vietnam story was heart breaking) but Janie is the best!

Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

Wat an amazing gift you are giving er tat you pray for er! :) I know se is safe in te arms of God!