Saturday, March 27, 2010

Every Moment Matters

My agency, All God's Children International, sent out a newsletter this week "Every Moment Matters". Please take a second to read this inspirational message....(and check out one of the cuties on the top of the page--you may recognize her).

Click HERE to see it!

Also, sweet girl has been trying sooo hard to walk. She takes 1 step and then drops to crawl.....but today she took almost 4 steps!!! I was lucky to catch it on video--I'll post later when I have a little more time! We went to the local Easter Celebration today--played games, met the Easter Bunny, watched pony rides, etc. It was cold and windy but lots of fun..I'll post pictures soon.

Oh, by the way....I finally saw "The Blind Side" yesterday! I rented it, never had a chance to see it in theater.....I LOVED IT!! I loved it for so many reasons! It is now one of my favorite movies!!

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