Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fun at the Park!

This past weekend I loaded up a carload of Janie's gear and headed off to MiMi and Gramps! 

Usually MiMi comes to visit Janie and me at least 1 day each weekend--but this weekend we decided to spend it at thier house. MiMi needed her sweet Janie this weekend--and boy did she deliver! Janie was GREAT the entire weekend--she was her usual sweet, silly, happy, joyful self and I know MiMi and Gramps enjoyed spending the weekend with thier grandchild!

The weather was sooooo nice on Saturday that we went to the park. Here are a few pictures!

Look how grown-up she looks in those pictures! When did my little bundle of joy stop looking like a baby and start looking like a toddler??? 

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