Sunday, March 14, 2010

13 months old and 6 months home!

It is so hard to believe that Janie is 13 months old today--and that she has been home 6 months! Sometimes it still feels so unreal--all the months (really years) of waiting and praying for her and I often have to remind myself that she really is here--my daughter is home! Then other days it seems like she has always been here and always been a part of my life. It's really hard to remember life without her.

One thing I do know: She is the absolute light of my life. She is 100% pure joy and I thank God everyday for allowing me to be her mommy!! 

Here are some random pics. You will notice in many she is pointing....that is her new favorite thing to do. She points at everything, especially when she wants something! She lets you know!!

She is trying SO HARD to walk. It seems to be her main goal in life right now! She can stand for a few seconds but then bends down when she realizes what she is doing!! She loves to push her toys all over the house--she walks so fast behind them. She used to just "keep up" with them, but now she seems to be more in control of them.

She babbles all the time but has a few consitent words: mama, baby, bye bye, dog, and ball. Her favorite word is balloon-she usually says it "boon" but sometimes she gets that "l" sound in there too!!

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Lisa said...

Well, my goodness....I just happened upon your blog and she is absolutely beautiful!

A radiant light and joy indeed!