Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Funny Girl!

So back in September after we got home from Taiwan, Janie's MiMi bought her this really neat bouncy seat. Janie was much smaller and couldn't really crawl or stand yet so we thought she would love to bounce in it and watch the lights, music, snow-globe. Well, she proved us wrong! She liked it for about a minute but then unfortunately, she didn't like it so much--she does not like to be "confinded". (She's not very into her pack-n-play, car seat, etc...she likes to MOVE!!)

Well, fast-foward to present day....Janie has re-discovered it and LOVES it now!! Of course, she is using it in all the wrong ways...so mommy has to stay right beside her--but she loves to stand up at it, crawl all over it, climb on it, bounce backwards--funny girl!!!

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Single Women Adopting Children said...

She is adorable! Mila hates being confined too! We just gave away our bouncer as she's never really liked being in it - hates the car seat (well- has learned to not cry all the time) and is not in love with the stroller.

Thanks for finding us. It will be fun to watch Janie grow up (weird coincidence- Mila's birthfamily gave her the name Janie for the gift certificate:)