Sunday, December 13, 2009


OK....So Janie's hair is absolutely beautiful and one of the first things you notice about her! But, I think it has gotten just a little out of control....Time for a trim--what do you think?!?! (Ha Ha)

So we headed off to the salon!! Denise has been cutting mommy's hair since I was 13 years old. And she has been cutting Mimi's hair that long obviously, she was honored to give Janie her very first hair cut! Janie did so great! She sat there like a little angel! She was a little unsure of what was happening exactly--but she was perfect. She got a little wiggly-but no tears at all! She didn't really smile much though....I think she was just trying to figure out exactly what was happening! 

After the haircut, Janie changed into one of her Christmas dresses and went to meet Santa.

OH. MY. GOODNESS!! She was amazing!!! 
She loved, loved, loved Santa! 

She kept looking up at him wiht amazement and gently rubbing his beard. The picture is incredible!!! She has one hand gently holding onto his suit, one hand holding his hand, and looking right at the camera flashing her biggest, brightest GRIN! I'll try to upload it and share later!!!!!

By the way, Janie is 10 months old on Monday!! I cannot believe we have been a family for 3 months already--on one hand it feels like yesterday that I met her, but on the other hand, I cannot remember life without her. She is such a joy! I adore every moment with her!!

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