Sunday, June 22, 2008

9 months today!!

Happy 9 months sweet baby girl! I wish I was there to hold you on this special day! I pray someone is giving you lots of love today (and everyday)!

I can't wait to meet you!!


Lauren and Jim said...

Happy 9 months, Janie!

As you know, River will be 9 months soon as well. It's so bittersweet. Hopefully we will have them home soon!!!

kristin said...

happy nine months! i hope it won't be much longer for you!

thanks for the comment on my blog... it looks like we've been pacing each other through this whole process! :)

Sean said...

Hey, talked to your mom again today and she said you cant respond to me through this blog (kind of lame if you ask me...) but anyway, my email is . Keep in touch!