Sunday, April 6, 2008

New worries

OK.....Can one week go by and a new Vietnam adoption hurdle not occur???

For those of you in the Vietnam adoption world-I'm sure you have heard the DNA rumors.

Nothing "official" has been announced. Lots of rumors/speculations. I have heard and read so much that I don't even know what to believe anymore.

All I know is that many babies need homes--and families are finding it harder and harder to adopt from Vietnam. I'm sure that somebody somewhere has the "reason" for this.

But all I know is this:
I have a beautiful little baby girl who is waiting for me. She was born at a hospital, given up, and is now in an orphanage waiting for a home. Come on US Government, that sounds like a true orphan to DNA testing really necessary? What if her birth mother can't be located--does that mean I can't complete her adoption?

It is frustrating. I feel like I am doing all the right things to build my family-but I feel the US is saying "nope, sorry!". Can someone please just give me an honest answer as to why these babies have to go thru so much to be adopted by US citizens.....loved, cared for, and raised by US citizens.....ultimately growing up as a legal US citizen.

While other people can just cross our borders whenever they feel like it, get government assistance, etc.?? I know I sound angry and offensive-but I am honestly tired of this!

I just want my baby home!! As adoptive parents we are doing everything the US asks and they still throw road blocks at us-why?

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