Sunday, March 30, 2008

Updated pictures

Last week my agency sent me 4 new updated pictures of Janie! They are soooo cute. She is still very alert and chubby (both great signs). AND, she is a thumb-sucker! She is sucking away on her right thumb in 2 of the pictures!! Too cute! I am glad she has something to soothe her. Poor thing has so many rough days ahead of her--maybe that will help calm her some when her little world gets turned upside-down...

Also, a friend I met in the adoption blog-world sent me a website of pictures from Janie's orphanage. A wonderful group travels to the orphanges for dental screenings, work, volunteering, etc and I found a picture of Janie there too! I just love seeing her little face. Of course, as all adoptive parents know already--it is hard to watch your child grow in pictures.

For those who don't already know, I am naming her Janelle Phoenix! My mom's middle name is Jane so she is named after her. Her Veitnamese name translates to "Phoenix" in English. A phoenix is a mythelogical bird that is said to regenerate itself if hurt or wounded--thus making it immortal and invincible! How great does that describe my little girl! So Janelle Phoenix it is--sounds like a movie star!!!

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Kelli said...

It must be so exciting to get new pictures!