Saturday, November 27, 2010

Taipei sights and the zoo!

First off--let me say it is taking FOREVER to download pictures to this blog---it was taking a while recently back home in America-but taking really long here pictures may only be a few each day-sorry guys!

We just got back from the zoo...Janie is napping (yay) and mom ran down to Outback Steakhouse to get us some lunch-so I had a minute to give you an update.

First, let me say that it is "chilly" here but I am still sweating. This morning I had on a long sleeve shirt but this afternoon changed to short sleeves-all the Taiwanese are wearing jackets and bundled up--too funny! 

Last night, we were way to tired to do anything but this morning after sleeping in some (Janie slept about 6-7 hours) we went down for breakfast and to walk around this area of town. I'm not sure why Janie is having such a hard time sleeping--I guess this is her body's way of handling the change of routine--but she is doing great-such a happy traveler! 

When we traveled for Janie we stayed at the Westin in Taipei. It was WONDERFUL. This time we really wanted a suite so that we could have a separate living area for one girl if the other baby is sleeping!! So, we are at the Agora Garden. We would have liked to get a suite at the Westin or the Grand Hyatt-but we would have to win the lottery first!!

The Agora Garden is good. Notice I didn't say great-but I also didn't say bad--it is good. The room is good as far as size. We have a separate bedroom with a big bed, dresser, and a huge closet. A big/nice bathroom. And a living area with a separate work area and a kitchenette- although no cooking supplies (plates, pans, etc). It is definetly not the Westin but it is OK. It has some great pros, but some cons as well. It does have a nice view of the Taipei 101 building and the garden area is very pretty...our room overlooks it....I will post about it later in case any readers are heading to Taiwan and needing hotel advice....

Back to Janie!!!

How do you entertain a 21 month old on a 14 hour flight???
1. Coloring (or "culwor" as Janie calls it)
2. Barney/Sesame Street DVD's and player
3. Mr. Potato Head
4. More coloring
5. Etch a sketch
6. Baby Einstein
7. More coloring
8. And our favorite....her Mimi playing "horsey". Here is Janie crawling on Mimi's back to bounce!!!
It is a good thing the gentleman next to us was so understanding. He said he was a father to a 3 year old son-he was great....very friendly, thank goodness!

A few pics from this morning:
Janie and her MiMi

The Taipei 101 Building
There were 2 things we hoped to do last year but never did...go to the Taipei zoo and go to a night market. 

We went to the zoo today and are going to night market tonight. The zoo was GREAT!! It was only $2 (American price) admission and we didn't even see half of it--it's huge! Sooooo many people there-it was beyond crowded but so much fun. Janie's favorites were the giraffes (or "raffe" as she calls them), the monkeys, and of course the elephant. She got an elephant puppet suvenior! 

There was also a new exhibit at the zoo today. It was called an American woman with blond hair carrying a cute Asian baby. Yep, that was me! I remember getting looks last year with Janie--this year is no different and I got sooooo many stares today. One lady stood right in front of me (only about 1 foot away) and just looked at me. I just smiled and finally moved away--tooo funny!

I love this picture above. Janie saw the shuttle train and kept saying "Choo Choo" so we rode it from the back of the zoo to the front exit. She waved to people and other trains going by. Then when it stopped she said "Yay" and clapped her hands....such a funny funny girl!

We are going to attempt the night market tonight. I've heard it is CRAZY CROWDED on weekends but it will be easier with just Janie instead of taking 2!!

Tomorrow we head to Taitung to meet Lexie and have her join our family! Can't wait!


Glenn said...

Hi All:
I know that you are having a great time. I hope your flight was a good and safe one. The pictures of the zoo were great. I know that you are looking forward to having Lexie join your family. Her pictures have been so sweet.
Some how or another, I have misplaced your house key and I am unable to get into your house to feed the fish. Do you have a spare? Send me an email for a location of a spare. Hope all is well and you are having fun. Best wishes, Deb

Kelli said...

Glad you are enjoying some sights before the big day!!!

Glenn said...

Tonya, I found the key! Now you can breath, your house will not be broken into.

You enjoy Lexie today. I hope Janie will love her as much as you.


Robin said...

The Zoo sounds really fun. I remember getting the "looks" while walking around with Lauren. Some people just casually look and others stare in disbelief. Too funny! Wait till they see you with 2 beautiful girl. We stayed at the Agora as well and had the same feeling about it. The lobby is so beautiful and then you get upstairs and it is not so luxurious after all. We had to upgrade to the 2 bedroom suite and thought the price for what you got was crazy. The apple and banana fruit plate)welcome in the room made me laugh. My favorite was the breakfast buffet good. We gave Lauren the congee like soup for breakfast each day and she was in heaven. I think it qualifies as rice Hopefully you will meet another adopting family at the hotel. I think an agency out of Australia has their families stay there too. We would walk to Taipei 101 and eat at the food court for dinner. We really liked the soup in the big orange bowl. We kept our chopsticks and spoons as they said Taipei 101 on them. Be sure to grab the free newspapers at the Agora for your gotcha day. Kind of a neat thing to have to remember the day. Can't wait for tomorrows post. Wishing you a happy and peaceful day.

Tonya said...

Glad you found the key but I really wasn't worried about it. I could have called my dad or not even have worried at all-no biggie! Love you and miss you--I hope all goes well at school on Monday.

Thanks for the tip about the newspaper. I didn't do that for Janie, but what a great idea. I'll call it our Family Gotcha Day paper!! The Agora was better today. There was a wedding earlier today and all the staff was focused on that. The wedding is over and now the staff is more attentive. Thankfully!

Take care everyone!! Tomorrow is our big day!

Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

thanks for sharin your great time so far!!! cant wait to hear and see more!!!!!!!!!

Jacy said...

Hey girl, I am so excited for you!! Thanks for letting Emily onto your Facebook page so we could see your blog and keep up with all your wonderful details. Emily loves keeping up with all your great info and she knows how to get on so it helps the old lady. What an awesome trip so far, but will get even more incredible. Can't wait to hear more. Be thinking of you at work tomorrow - can't believe it's time to go back. Love ya and give those beautiful girls a big hug.

michelle said...

Loved the pictures of the zoo. Brought back some wonderful memories when we were picking up our daughter. Did you get to see the pandas? We stayed at the Agora also. Our favorite was the breakfast buffet. And loved that everything was within walking distance and we were close to the MRT. We walked to Outback too and there's a 7-11 near there.

Living to Love said...

Loving it! It brings back memories...that is for sure! Praying for each detail of your trip Tonya! So thrilled for you!

Shelly said...

So excited to see your next blog and see the 2 girls together with you! And of course any pictures of Noah you send our way! :0) Reading your blog brings back such special memories. Enjoy every moment...the good and not so good for they are all a blessing. We both understand that all too clearly having been through what we have. So excited for you!
Blessings, Shelly